Week 4 - Yes, continue

Great week. Legs feeling strong. Finally joined a triathlon club, Golden Gate Triathlon Club, which is highly motivating to get my butt out of bed early on the weekends and train with a group. They have a challenge for members to sign up for an ultra, The Northface Endurance Challenge, so of course I had to go for the 50k. Why not? By then I'll be in marathon mode. Went on a fun group ride with them yesterday.

Had a great swim today with Water World Swim. The water is warm right now and the currents were mellow. I had to really psych myself back into the water after last week's experience, and am glad to have done it. Each day is different and it is always changing. I just tell myself "what can I learn today?" This week I am working on my pull and making sure I get my arm extended down to my thigh. Been practicing the fist drills etc. in the pool. If I can just squeeze in another pool workout or 2 in the week that would be optimal.

I didn't think I could get up early to train but managed to on Friday to hit the track. It's not so bad as long as I can get to bed early. I'm working on a 6:30 pace doing 800s intervals. Might as well aim high. The hill training is also going well. My training hill is rougly 25 stories high, and I just go without stopping even if it burns. Even though I might feel creaky and tired at first, once I get warmed up and in the zone it's all good. I recommend spacing out the hill training and speed training. Sore hip flexors and quads! I still have a long run to do today, but I know I'll be too tired afterwards to blog. My worst enemy is my mind telling me to slack off. MUST EAT CARBS! Did over 100 miles this month!

I kind of like this running 40 miles a week plan. Leaves room to do other stuff...

Sept. 4 & 11th Alcatraz swim clinics with Water World Swim, and Swim-Art is doing a long 90 minute group swim September 12th, and an intro to open water swim clinic for newbies on September 13th.


Week 3 - Crumbs

It's great feeling of sticking to the training plan. Having done a couple marathons doesn't make the training any easier for me, just more familiar. What's different this time round is that I'm keeping up with a little bit of cross training in case I want to do another tri. I would like to do more swimming but I need at least 7 hours of sleep and getting up at 5am would just send me over the edge. I don't know how the Iron People do it. The week was interspersed with 16 hours of short to medium trail and hill runs, yoga, a little bike ride and a couple swims, with a long run today which had quite a tough last 5 miles. Today was the hardest day and I am ready for bed early! I was so tired that when I got home I poured my water bottle out onto my houseplants forgetting there was NUUN in it. I hope they like it. Now I know what the rest days are for - RESTING!

Today's morning swim in aquatic park was quite a learning experience. The flood was strong, so we all decided to swim to the center of the cove first. I'm a DFL swimmer and have a few (very few) people to swim with, so we kind of stuck together until it was time to cross. I couldn't figure out why everyone was swimming so damn close to the boats on the right of the cove, but I was getting tired of taking a wide turn into the crossing, so I thought it would be time to make the crossing. Then, suddenly, I was one of those people swimming next to the boats! I was overwhelmed by the current and had to stop and hold on to Balaclutha's anchor line LOL! I never made it to the "Jacuzzi". I wish I had a sports photo of THAT to hang on my wall! I had to go back to shore against the flood somehow, and get out of this cat up in a tree predicament. Coach Pedro gave me a word of encouragement then I swam like a little turtle back to shore, breathing on one side, the only side that wasn't splashing me in the face. I was never in any fear of drowning, just couldn't control my direction. My that was fun - let's do it again next week!

I still had my long run to do, pushing my little mileage up. I thought of all those ultrarunners and Eddie Izzard running 30 miles a day for charity and the kid in my swim group who did the English Channel and said, well ok, I can do this. I broke the course up into chunks. Then I broke the chunks into chunks. Then I broke the chunks of the chunks into little crumbs which I followed all the way home.

Next week: the speed work begins.

Have a Punk Rock Tri fortune cookie!


Week 2 - In the Groove

Anything that was on my schedule today (Tour d'Organics ride, swimming, etc) is off. My poor pup is in epileptic mode and cannot be left alone. I didn't get enough sleep last night, but the week's training is in the bag. I'm up to 14 miles on the long run no pains whatsoever. I noticed that my swim pace is also getting better. Steven's power yoga is helping me be where I want to be. I got my new trainers this week (in BLACK), and my new sportband. Ready for a day with the dogs at the beach and week 3!

BTW what is up with the CLOWN COLORS trend on the runnning shoes these days? I mean, really. I don't have anything to wear that matches that!


Week 1 - Base Training

Week 1 went better than the week before, which was supposed to be week 1 of the marathon training but was reset due to unprepared ankle. I'm using a new ankle brace called YOGA. Did an hour of it after each short run this week and started feeling strong, flexible and stable. I will never run up on a trail again until I can do a Padangustasana toe stand.

Yesterday did a big bike ride with my husby and a friend. I probably would not have been motivated to go had it not been for them. The weather was great and turned out to be a good workout, probably more than I expected, thanks!

Today's swim was a toughie having not been in the ocean for 6 weeks and had very sore arms. The water looked nice and calm from shore but I had no idea what was going on underneath. I looked at the boats anchored in the cove to see which way they were pointing to give a hint of direction. Thanks to Coach Pedro for bringing his giant map and showing us what the conditions were beforehand. The flood at the opening was pretty strong, not something you want to get flushed into, but then it changes here and there. It's very dynamic - there is nothing like it.

Was I done yet? No. Just did my LSD of 10 miles. Today was car-free day in the park and there is nothing better than running or cycling without the noise and fumes of car exhaust in your face. Aaaah!

Strangely, pushing past the comfort zone can offer relief.

New: My Twitter!


Building Mileage

14 weeks until the marathon and the training plan is off to a slow start. I started out on hilly trails and it seems my left ankle didn't like that too much, so have to take a few days off of running until the tenderness subsides. My mind and muscles are ready, but the joints need a little extra time. Since my last event was a triathlon with a 5k, and took several weeks off, I haven't done a long run in ages, so have to start over again building mileage up. I've read several articles about taking time off and retraining, and they say it takes two days to retrain for every one day off. It's interesting what happens to your glycogen storage as well. When I went for short 3 miler this week, I felt a bonk after 15 minutes or so. I used to expect that after the first hour and have gels ready. 6 miles was my max this week before the pain, so I'm going to try to work from that on a flat course, and alternate with 3 milers, and not go beyond that next week.

The other weird thing that happened when I stopped training is I dropped 5 LBS. I would have expected the opposite to happen. After training resumed I'm back up to 129.

A weekend plan of cycling, swimming, and Steven Grillo's Hot Power Yoga (DVD) which is great for runners. It includes a fierce all-over body and core workout and all the stretches I need. I'm going to attempt to do the yoga every day this week to rebuild my base. We'll see what happens!

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