Building Mileage

14 weeks until the marathon and the training plan is off to a slow start. I started out on hilly trails and it seems my left ankle didn't like that too much, so have to take a few days off of running until the tenderness subsides. My mind and muscles are ready, but the joints need a little extra time. Since my last event was a triathlon with a 5k, and took several weeks off, I haven't done a long run in ages, so have to start over again building mileage up. I've read several articles about taking time off and retraining, and they say it takes two days to retrain for every one day off. It's interesting what happens to your glycogen storage as well. When I went for short 3 miler this week, I felt a bonk after 15 minutes or so. I used to expect that after the first hour and have gels ready. 6 miles was my max this week before the pain, so I'm going to try to work from that on a flat course, and alternate with 3 milers, and not go beyond that next week.

The other weird thing that happened when I stopped training is I dropped 5 LBS. I would have expected the opposite to happen. After training resumed I'm back up to 129.

A weekend plan of cycling, swimming, and Steven Grillo's Hot Power Yoga (DVD) which is great for runners. It includes a fierce all-over body and core workout and all the stretches I need. I'm going to attempt to do the yoga every day this week to rebuild my base. We'll see what happens!


Jo Lynn said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly we lose our level of fitness? It's awful. And it takes double the time to build it back up? I've never heard that, but it does make sense.
Watch out for those ankles - they're WICKED! ;)

René said...

Thanks! There is a great article called "Comeback Trail" in the August Issue of Trail Runner mag.

fuzzbuzz said...

Lifes little setbacks, but you're on course. Keep up the good work. I need some yoga in my life, as soon as my back recovers. Ouch!

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