Week 1 - Base Training

Week 1 went better than the week before, which was supposed to be week 1 of the marathon training but was reset due to unprepared ankle. I'm using a new ankle brace called YOGA. Did an hour of it after each short run this week and started feeling strong, flexible and stable. I will never run up on a trail again until I can do a Padangustasana toe stand.

Yesterday did a big bike ride with my husby and a friend. I probably would not have been motivated to go had it not been for them. The weather was great and turned out to be a good workout, probably more than I expected, thanks!

Today's swim was a toughie having not been in the ocean for 6 weeks and had very sore arms. The water looked nice and calm from shore but I had no idea what was going on underneath. I looked at the boats anchored in the cove to see which way they were pointing to give a hint of direction. Thanks to Coach Pedro for bringing his giant map and showing us what the conditions were beforehand. The flood at the opening was pretty strong, not something you want to get flushed into, but then it changes here and there. It's very dynamic - there is nothing like it.

Was I done yet? No. Just did my LSD of 10 miles. Today was car-free day in the park and there is nothing better than running or cycling without the noise and fumes of car exhaust in your face. Aaaah!

Strangely, pushing past the comfort zone can offer relief.

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Anonymous said...

Yeay, Green Team marathon training!

What is a YOGA ankle brace? I tried to look it up but couldn't find it.

The Padangustasana toe stand is crazy!

That's so cool it was car-free day. What a great idea.

René said...

Yeah, doing yoga creates natural stability and support for the joints and i noticed a difference just after 1 week.

21stCenturyMom said...

You did the Swim with Pedro thing? I was thinking about it today because I really want to be corralled! It is tough business out there - not for sissies!

René said...

I think swimming out in the ocean has made me a better swimmer, not just physically but mentally. Once you decide to do an "out and back" in the ocean and get yourself out there, you are committed to keep swimming and bring yourself back to shore. I haven't been as far as alcatraz yet but have had a taste of the currents. Challeging!

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