Week 3 - Crumbs

It's great feeling of sticking to the training plan. Having done a couple marathons doesn't make the training any easier for me, just more familiar. What's different this time round is that I'm keeping up with a little bit of cross training in case I want to do another tri. I would like to do more swimming but I need at least 7 hours of sleep and getting up at 5am would just send me over the edge. I don't know how the Iron People do it. The week was interspersed with 16 hours of short to medium trail and hill runs, yoga, a little bike ride and a couple swims, with a long run today which had quite a tough last 5 miles. Today was the hardest day and I am ready for bed early! I was so tired that when I got home I poured my water bottle out onto my houseplants forgetting there was NUUN in it. I hope they like it. Now I know what the rest days are for - RESTING!

Today's morning swim in aquatic park was quite a learning experience. The flood was strong, so we all decided to swim to the center of the cove first. I'm a DFL swimmer and have a few (very few) people to swim with, so we kind of stuck together until it was time to cross. I couldn't figure out why everyone was swimming so damn close to the boats on the right of the cove, but I was getting tired of taking a wide turn into the crossing, so I thought it would be time to make the crossing. Then, suddenly, I was one of those people swimming next to the boats! I was overwhelmed by the current and had to stop and hold on to Balaclutha's anchor line LOL! I never made it to the "Jacuzzi". I wish I had a sports photo of THAT to hang on my wall! I had to go back to shore against the flood somehow, and get out of this cat up in a tree predicament. Coach Pedro gave me a word of encouragement then I swam like a little turtle back to shore, breathing on one side, the only side that wasn't splashing me in the face. I was never in any fear of drowning, just couldn't control my direction. My that was fun - let's do it again next week!

I still had my long run to do, pushing my little mileage up. I thought of all those ultrarunners and Eddie Izzard running 30 miles a day for charity and the kid in my swim group who did the English Channel and said, well ok, I can do this. I broke the course up into chunks. Then I broke the chunks into chunks. Then I broke the chunks of the chunks into little crumbs which I followed all the way home.

Next week: the speed work begins.

Have a Punk Rock Tri fortune cookie!


Jo Lynn said...

I like that - breaking it into chunks and crumbs. Do what works! That's all that matters. I need to get some swimming done outside of the pool. It sounds kind of scary though, honestly.

René said...

I'm sorry if I made it sound scary! Maybe slack tide is a better time to swim for me.

PunkRockRunner said...

Love your Blog!!

Thanks so much for the Punk Rock Tri Guy shout out too.

All the best,


JenZen said...

I love the chunks and crumbs. I tend to do that too. I have visual markers along the route I run and I know how far I've gone or how far I have left. It really does help!

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