Week 4 - Yes, continue

Great week. Legs feeling strong. Finally joined a triathlon club, Golden Gate Triathlon Club, which is highly motivating to get my butt out of bed early on the weekends and train with a group. They have a challenge for members to sign up for an ultra, The Northface Endurance Challenge, so of course I had to go for the 50k. Why not? By then I'll be in marathon mode. Went on a fun group ride with them yesterday.

Had a great swim today with Water World Swim. The water is warm right now and the currents were mellow. I had to really psych myself back into the water after last week's experience, and am glad to have done it. Each day is different and it is always changing. I just tell myself "what can I learn today?" This week I am working on my pull and making sure I get my arm extended down to my thigh. Been practicing the fist drills etc. in the pool. If I can just squeeze in another pool workout or 2 in the week that would be optimal.

I didn't think I could get up early to train but managed to on Friday to hit the track. It's not so bad as long as I can get to bed early. I'm working on a 6:30 pace doing 800s intervals. Might as well aim high. The hill training is also going well. My training hill is rougly 25 stories high, and I just go without stopping even if it burns. Even though I might feel creaky and tired at first, once I get warmed up and in the zone it's all good. I recommend spacing out the hill training and speed training. Sore hip flexors and quads! I still have a long run to do today, but I know I'll be too tired afterwards to blog. My worst enemy is my mind telling me to slack off. MUST EAT CARBS! Did over 100 miles this month!

I kind of like this running 40 miles a week plan. Leaves room to do other stuff...

Sept. 4 & 11th Alcatraz swim clinics with Water World Swim, and Swim-Art is doing a long 90 minute group swim September 12th, and an intro to open water swim clinic for newbies on September 13th.


Jo Lynn said...

DAMN! I'm going to Jamaica on the 13th. Well, not DAMN! really. I mean I'm happy I'm going to Jamaica, just wish I could do that into to OWS that day.
You joined a good tri group. I'm pretty sure it's the one my friend, Rick, belongs to. He raves about it.
You are quite ambitious. I love it!

René said...

Jamaica! You lucky gal!

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