A seemingly quiet composed runner heads down the street for an interval run in the park, but this is the chatter going on inside her head, inner coach in italics:

7:00pm - I'ts cold, I'm tired and really hungry, and it's about to get dark outside. I can just do my run in the morning and stay home and watch a DVD with my dog. But then you'll have wasted a whole day of not training and recovering for the next thing. just go, you'll feel different once you get warmed up. Eat Oxygen!
7:05 - Ouch, my legs feel stiff. There is something going on inside my ankle. Is this going to hurt the whole time? No, just stretch at the stoplight.
7:10 - Finally, warmed up. ok, this is alright. Let me just cruise like this for a bit. This run is going to help me run faster, right? cool. If I aim for 6:00 pace I'll end up with 6:30 pace. Sounds good to me.
7:20 - Crap, there is an event going on at the track, that is why I should have got up at 5am to do this! Ok, should I go home and just call it an easy day? Silence from coach. Where am i going to do my intervals? Right here! ok.
7:25 - Get ready to run as fast as you can for the next half mile, then run moderate for a quarter.
7:30 - (Running fast) breathe, fast feet, breathe, stop fiddling with your watch, just go go go! Try not to run into those people up there, stay alert and aware of your terrain. Great it's windy, and there is a steep hill coming up, oh well resistance training! mind goes blank:

7:36 - Wow, ok, the first one was alright, good pace I wonder if I can do that again or if it's going to get progressively slower, -let -me -catch -my -breath...only 2 more to go....
7:40 - fast feet, breathe, cough, etc. don't puke, try not to zone out this time...
7:46 - Ok, they start out fast then taper off, try not to slow down. one more to go, this is it, last one is always the hardest. I really need to watch what I eat before these...
7:50 - aaaaaaaaaaaaa! (huffing and puffing eveyone else is able to talk while they're jogging and I'm just tring to get air, looks at pedometer) only 10 meters left - do not slow down at 9!
7:57: OMG! Ok, can I just stop now? No, just keep moving and breathing. 119% Maximum Heart Rate 215? You can run easy now. Hey it took less time than I thought. Now go home and chill. Tomorrow is another day. (endorphins churning - wow this song is really great!)
2 hours later, no appetite, can't sleep, but sure glad i did it! Next week, 4 x 800s!

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Jo Lynn said...

LOL. Great job getting that done. Don't you hate how your mind can talk to you like that? But, I'm sure you love it when it's over.

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