Recovery Drinks

Today was supposed to be my rest day, but I feel like I can run another 19 miles today! It must be the recovery drink I had: Unsweetened soy milk with protein powder, cinnamon, chia and joint supplements. Wondering what other people drink for recovery after a hard workout.


You recovery mix is a lot like mine.

Unsweetened Soy
Frozen fruit
Handful of raw spinach
1 spoon of all natural peanut butter
1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
Ice and a little water

Like you blog. Will return to follow your runing adventures.
Rick Gaston said…
I use chocolate milk or Cytomax. The cytomax was a mistake I meant to buy the regular energy drink to mix with the other energy drink I use, Carbo Pro, which is almost tasteless. Oh well...

Hey it was good to meet you as well. Now that I think of it I've seen your icon in other blogs I've visited. Join us on some of our trails runs when you are able.
Paul Charteris said…
Yeek, that sounds like a yukky drink after a run. I usually call into a supermarket and load up no nice cold fruit (like melon slices) - especially when its hot outside.
fuzzbuzz said…
what joint supplements do you use, im thinking of getting some since my injury and the weird clicking in my thigh and knees now. ;O
RenĂ© said…
Glucosamine-Chondroitin-MSM omega3s!
fuzzbuzz said…
cool, thats what I was gonna get the Glucosamine! ;-)

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