Week 6 - Relaxed Effort

I'm almost halfway through my training program, and as things start to heat up, I need something to help keep me grounded and focused. The yoga is really helping with that. I found that doing some yoga sun salutations and breaths before my swim gets me in the frame of mind to focus on form. It also creates alot of internal heat that keeps me warm in the cold water. All the chaturanga dandasanas are giving me some arm strength, and the movement from that pose to the Upward Facing Dog is the one that develops the pull muscles, esp. if you don't rest on your legs and stay on your toes. I'm getting the hang of sweeping the water now and the feeling of propulsion with the arms. Whenever I get stressed or overwhelmed, I just come back to the breath and form.

...And today with WWS we swam outside the cove! OMG it was beautiful to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the ocean, and Coit Tower, and the sailboats in the bay, and Alcatraz, and all the swimmers coming back from their swim events. I love San Francisco! Then I ran the trails of the Presidio, to the Coastal Trail along Baker Beach, Sea Cliff, Land's End, Sutro Baths, Ocean Beach and back through Golden Gate Park.

The Olympic distance triathlon doesn't seem as daunting. I'm psyched about the marathons coming up but also enjoying the training process. It's a lifestyle. Running 4x a week, swimming 3x and biking to work and whenever I get a chance. Daily yoga. This week we added Baron Baptiste to our yoga mix. Very good workout.

Sun Salutation A & B: 3-5 sets of each can be done in 10-15 minutes for a great warmup.

California Coastal Cleanup 9.19.09

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Jenica said...

so inspiring! Keep up the good training!

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