Week 7 - The Halfway Point

Yes! Only 7 weeks left until the marathon and I am heading towards the peak. I have three 20 milers coming up then a taper. My plan says next week is it for hill repeats, but the course on Mt. Tam has some steady climbing for 4-5 miles at a time, so I will keep doing them until the taper. I did feel sore for several days after doing successive short hill repeats instead of one long hill up and down. I think there is a place for doing both, because a long climb totally redlines you. Today's long run turned out to be a mile longer than planned, but no prob. The only thing I need to do is bring an extra pair of dry socks because after 12 miles the feet need a little refreshing. It would be so nice to dunk them in the ocean halfway through. There were alot of surfers out at Ocean Beach today! I saw several boards fly through the air!

Some issues that are coming up are: sleeping (not getting enough) eating (my appetite has gone down) This is when I have to pay attention and force myself to bed and eat the right things. Anything that says "high fructose corn syrup" or has a variant of sugar in the first 5 ingredients gets the boot.

Sorry bike, I didn't ride you very much because I'm working on my swim. I signed up for an Alcatraz crossing next month just to kick it into gear. That always seems to happen when I register for something. The WWS Sunday Swim was great, I'm glad I found some ladies there that swim my pace, so we can do the buddy system out there and challenge each other.

Had a fun time at the GGTC social night. What an inspiring bunch! I hope to do some group training again one of these days but it is really tough because I already have my little training routine all dialed in. I plan to do some group trail runs after the Alcatraz thing. I feel like there are so many events and things going on right now - it's the end of Summer! Monday is officially the last day of Summer, but we'll continue our weird schizo weather pattern here, foggy, with 3 hours of sun, then sunny all day, then foggy, then windy...

To be honest, I'm not thinking too much about the marathon because in December I have an ultra (just by a few miles) and I also already thinking of the triathlons I want to do next spring and summer. I'm learning about lots of potential events from people in my training groups.

A Simple Strategy for Running Your Best Marathon

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