Week 8 - Extra effort, extra output

This week I pushed the training a little more, and got a lot more in return. More fast interval work, more hills. I feel that the endurance I've gained from marathon training is crossing over into the swimming (and vice versa). I feel like my body is using oxygen and fuel more efficiently. Had a great time swimming at Angel Island in beautiful Ayala Cove with WWS. We had a wonderful picnic on the boat afterwards. It felt like a mini-vacation on the weekday! Swimming in the pool feels much easier since I have focused on getting a better pull. By trying some sprints I noticed that now I can go at more than 1 speed. I integrated the bike by using it to get to the swims and trails.

Here is a view from the cove at Angel Island:
Sunset at Angel Island

Aquatic Park
swimming at Aquatic Park w/ WWS

The fog was thick everywhere else. Can you believe it? The hills on my upcoming marathon & ultra are a little intimidating, but I am adopting the motto of the North Face Endurance Challenge to "Run your self-doubt into the ground". Instead of just running for mileage on the LSD, I am going to run for time on actual terrain of the course. A 20 miler on a flat would take twice as long in the Marin Headlands and Mt. Tam, so it doesn't make sense to train on moderate hills and easy paths. Sundays are peak training days: I did almost a mile in the bay, 19.5 miles biking to and from the headlands, and 11.25 of hilly trails = 6 hours. It was like a triathlon, with a 2 hour lunch break and dog walk at T1.

North Face Endurance Challenge - notes and photos by tjiang

a perfect way to end the week

Running the Entire Pacific Crest Trail...Again


Jo Lynn said...

That water looks SCARY! I'm sure I will get used to it, the more I try it. Which, by the way, I plan on!!! ;)

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

Love when your body rewards a strong week with a strong level of energy. Very good!!!

I am more into to pool swimming but one day I must make the switch if I want to mark off my ironman goal.

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