Week 10 - Whatever!

Okay - sometimes life shows up and you gotta deal. Recession = less work = less pay = downsizing. I spent the week moving and organizing, so only did 2 runs this week. It is a little nerve-wrecking for me to stray from my training regime, but it turned out to be manageable. I can't even remember the first run - it was all a blur. I think I switched into dissociative mode then just turned into a packing robot. Feeling very grateful for a helpful huzby (that word has his seal of approval), friends(that I never see) and online support. What else, my mtn bike klunker is at the shop :-( good to know that my folding bike can do "some" hills. Today I ran 21 miles on mixed terrain which was a relief. I think I am going to alternate the few weeks left with 20 milers and whatever I can do on the very hilly trails. I'm just winging it.

I'm loving swimming at Aquatic Park. Pairing up with other swimmers is the ticket. The temperature is dropping though, and even a few degrees makes a difference. After 30 minutes my hands and feet are starting to get numb and I feel a pinch in my right shoulder. I tried balling each hand into a fist as I turn for air to see if that brings some circulation. Maybe. I'm not as concerned about the feet as I am with my hands, because I could not cup them after a certain point. I didn't really think about it but for the crossing I would like to be able to stay in the water for at least an hour. It sucks because my mind says, yay this is fun, let's do another lap, but then the popsicle fingers. It's like Cinderella's stagecoach that turns into a pumpkin. I will work on acclimatizing myself. Look at all these swimmers without wetsuits!

There were so many running, swimming and tri events this past few weeks, I can't keep up, so: good job everyone!

No pictures this time, but imagine a fleet of Pelicans flying quietly in a perfect V formation over the cliffs.


Jenica said...

you can do it! I think it's ok to let your training slide a bit when you need to take care of things life throws at you. Then just jump right back in!

Gotta Run..Gotta Ride said...

If only things would pick back up and my race budget for next year could really be there.... one can hope...right :)

Rick Gaston said...

Do they have gloves for swimmers. Gotta be something out there so your fingers don't freeze.

Jo Lynn said...

I can visualize those pelicans. ;)

Sorry about the job thing. That sucks.

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