Week 11 - Back on Track at the last minute

Checking in with the training plan...

I love graphs! This data from Voomaxer occurs after the metric century training, and shows my tri sprint training and marathon training. As you can see, I do the bare minimum as far as mileage goes. I just barely crossed 40 miles running last week, highest in a while (ever?) I was starting to go down before getting into my peak phase (green line), which should be NOW so I had to put a stop to that and ran twice this weekend. I was always afraid of working out hard on Saturday because I wanted to have energy for my morning swim on Sunday, but it turned out alright this weekend, even though I did hills the day before the long run. It was slightly uncomfortable but manageable. I was going to concentrate on just running long on trails and terrain similar to my race, but am mixing in going long for time on easier terrain as well to practice keeping the heart rate up for 3+ hours. Here are some notes. I use this blog as a personal reference so feel free to click away. I learned alot this week, and since these next few weeks before the event at week 14 are critical, I'm trying pay attention. Click on items in "my distance" to the right to check out details.

Weekly goal: Acclimate to cold water for Alcatraz & prepare for Stinson Beach Marathon.

Tues: Easy run

Wed: Ran a few hills and 1 minute windy time trial @6:51. (This is the end of my 800s speedwork for now, I got up to 7x, now in maintenance phase - next weekend fast 10k!)

Thursday: Swam with another GGTC member for part of a lap. Swim was not as cold as last weekend. The water temperature was the same, but the air was warm and balmy, which made a big difference on how long I can stay in:

LAST WEEKEND (Oct. 10-11)
air / water
51 / 57.7 °F
could stay in 30 minutes until numbing

air / water
65 / 57.7 °F
could stay in 1.5 hrs until numbing

The water was posted as biohazard because of storm runoff but the readings posted on sfwater seemed normal. Didn't encounter any problems. Note the high E.coli reading on 8.26.09 occurred about a week after that mysterious smell that wafted around SF! There is much tidal action here though so things get flushed out on a regular basis. I have been swimming here every week with no problems.

It was just starting to flood so it was easy to drift on the other side of the buoy line. I work on sighting and trying to swim in a straight line. I noticed if my stroke rate is slow, I drift off course more. I never get water or congestion in my nose when I swim in the ocean, only when I do flip-turns in the pool. The pool workouts are helpful for feeling the water and improving technique. With just a swimsuit you can feel where the sweet and drag spots are and you don't have the saltwater helping you stay afloat. Would like to try without a swimsuit next spring.

Friday: Felt sluggish. Extra rest day and guilt trip!

Saturday: More swimming and 8 mi hill repeats. My knees will hate me tomorrow but oh well.

Sunday Swim:
wind/gust 9.9 /18 mph
temp air/water: 58.1 /57.9 °F
Good *open water* learning experiences today (btw it's swimming in a cove!) practice swimming with currents and chop, navigation, sighting, and positive mental attitude - practice not to panic and just keep swimming. Adrenaline keeps you warm LOL!

Sunday Long Run: New thing I just discovered!
I can eat solid food while running. I was so hungry and needed a little extra incentive to do Great Highway to Sloat and back so I made a plan to grab a plain sesame bagel at Java Beach at mile 14. I munched on that thing for 2 miles and no problems. By the end of the 22mi run I felt like I had lots of energy! Beautiful Sunset!

What happened to the cycling? :-p Transportation.

My Alcatraz swim is next Saturday and so is the Nike+ Human Race. I wonder where people here will be running it. Last time I did it was great because it was a car-free day at the Embarcadero, I did it early and had the whole road to myself practically.


Jo Lynn said...

"Extra rest day and guilt trip" - why do WE do this to ourselves? GAH!

Do you still think you may drop by SF One Day on Saturday? More than likely I will be working early morning until early afternoon. It would be awesome to meet you. ;)

René said...

Sure thing. That's if I make it back to shore LOL! SF One Day is going to be interesting.

Jo Lynn said...

Yay! You'll make it back to shore. LOL

Rick Gaston said...

That's a great discovery, being able to eat solid food on a long run. I don't know how other runners do it who keep to liquids. I've done it but I also enjoy a good sandwich now and then on a long run.

Don't tell Jo-Lynn but I am going to eat all her desserts!

fuzzbuzz said...

good luck on your Alcatraz mission!

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