Week 9 - Running by feeling


bike 25.2 total miles (+btw 50mi)
swim 2.88 total miles
run 32.45 total miles (82% - 88% MHR)

This week I am getting used to running for time, intensity and feeling instead of mileage. It's interesting. According to a regular marathon (+tri) training plan I should be in the 40+ miles per week range by now but my upcoming events are on hilly trails. It's a little tricky to predict running times on those, but I can expect anywhere from 10 - 14mph pace.

I was checking out my LSD run in comparison to last week's and was able to go a little farther in less time, but that's also because the trail was a little less arduous! I'm doing the long run after swimming and biking also, so I am already a little 'warmed up'. I wanted to say tired, but once I get out to to Marin Headlands and see nature's bounty, I forget about that. The mind is a funny thing - at first, running up that long 1.5 mi climb up miwok trail seemed a chore, but after I did my loop (miwok, old springs, marincello bobcat) I did the miwok hill again and it seemed easier. I wanted to do Alta and Rodeo valley trail but it was easy to miss the trail marker. hmm.

I didn't get up into the 90% range on my speedwork this week because the location was crowded with the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass traffic. When people are drunk and they see you running fast it is a comedic moment for some reason. I tried to run in the street with the cyclists but now that it's getting dark earlier need more lights. The 1/2 watt black diamond LED headlamp wasn't bright enough so I upgraded to the 1 watt.

Swimming is getting easier for me now that I have put the time in to work on all the little pieces of the stroke and improve my weak spots. It's a never-ending process. Balance is a little tricky sometimes I turn over too far. More sidekick drills. Endurance and speed here I come. I just got the book "Swimming Even Faster" by Maglischo. It's a big heavy textbook, though. Reminds me of school days.

This is what the training plan looks like:
mon: rest
tue: easy run - 45min - 1 hr
wed: hill repeats - 1.5 - 2hrs
thurs: swim - 40min - 1hr
fri: speed intervals: 1 - 1.5hrs
sat: easy day, swim or bike - 1 - 2 hrs
sun: BRICK swim, bike, run! - 6 hrs

bike to work - 50mi (4 - 5 hrs) per wk is so routine I hardly consider it a part of the plan

The sunset was so beautiful that I wasn't really annoyed that my right shifter died on my bike after this picture was taken. Time to give the klunker some TLC.


Jo Lynn said...

Those trails are pretty challenging. But, oh so pretty. ;)

Dustin said...

Thanks for the encouragement. This will be my first 100 and the first race over 40 miles.

aron said...

i think switching away from training for mileage would definitely take some getting used to. nice job on the week!

PunkRockRunner said...

Wow! I was reading your posts and "wow" was the only word that came to mind. I wish I had the discipline that you do when it comes to training.

To be fair, you have the best swim/run/bike playground ever. Aquatic Park is awesome & Miwok is off-the-charts.

I look forward to reading about your future adventures.

All the best!

Rick Gaston said...

You did Miwok again after you did a loop in the area? Nice! You are getting used to the hills.

fuzzbuzz said...


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