Bicycling Problem Solving One Intersection at a Time!

This is a problem area in Alameda that cyclist encounter on the new detour heading to Alameda from the Posey Tube. There is a construction site that is blocking our straight shot into Alameda on Webster St, so we get routed around into a dangerous roadway and into an intersection that has a lot of Marina Village traffic. On the top right there is a bike lane, and cyclist can connect to the bike lane on the left side of the map on the left green arrow. Problem is, there is a right turn lane here and cars are not letting bikes have right of way. I almost got hit here by a truck last week, and another cyclist WAS hit here this morning. Why not paint a big green stripe (or pink!) across the whole intersection to show what the cyclists' intentions are? Or put the mini bike sharrows on the far left turn? I have a feeling the cars just don't realize what the cyclists are trying to do here.

Right now it's safer to try to cross in "L" fashion like pedestrians.


Jo Lynn said…
A pink stripe! Love it!
RenĂ© said…
In Europe they have painted bike lanes - It helps to remind cars realize they aren't the only ones on the road at intersections. Why is it such a tough concept to grasp here?
Tim said…
We're starting to get better bike markings here in Austin. There are still some very problematic intersections that no amount of painting will help. I use discretion and use the "L" maneuver. Better a short delay in navigating than a long stay in the hospital.

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