Motivation for Hill Work

This is the next course profile for the ultra in 17 days and a little motivation for me to do hill running today. I'm going to try to maintain and extend the fitness level gained from the last marathon into the 50k before the final taper.

FYI There is a Presidio Coastal Trail Improvements Project underway. I missed the information meeting but you can send in your feedback. ***I love this trail!*** They are planning to remove the sand ladder and add improvements for pedestrian access to Baker Beach which include expanded car-parking facilities. I hope they aren't going to cut down too many trees for this and also that it doesn't create even more traffic on the road there. Many cyclists use the adjacent road. Also, with the upcoming work, access to parts of the trail might be temporarily closed. What will I do?

Coastal Trail


Rick Gaston said…
Yeah that 50k is no joke and it's not even a 50k, it's more like a 54k. The course is longer by 2-miles, so I heard. Don't you only have one more week before you taper anyway? How about running up and down the stairs on Lands End?
RenĂ© said…
Thanks Rick! Lands End is a nice one.
JT said…
Good luck with the 50k - wow!

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