Recovery Week

It's been a good week. I survived without injuries! The calves were hella tight and sore by the achilles tendon, so I took it easy and mellow and slowly eased back into it with some power walking, then light flat jogging, then back on trails. Had some great swimming in the bay. At 56° F, the water doesn't seem as cold as I thought it would. I am going to try to keep swimming through the winter. I didn't think I would like swimming this much, I'm hooked! On Saturday went out with couple peeps from GGTC to join the Swim Art swim, and we jumped off the pier! Coach Leslie gave me some great stroke pointers and we did some technical drills. My friend Irene ended up doing her 2nd Alcatraz crossing that day! On Sunday went out with Water World Swim and had a great inside to outside cove swim. On both days there were strong currents, but it is calm in some areas and then little jet streams in others. It was good practice for me to swim into these and practice getting over the panic and swim through it. Today I was caught in a water treadmill near the jacuzzi and could not get anywhere. I think the water was collecting at the wall and built up alot of pressure there. Pedro directed me to go to the right a bit and I was freed. Sometimes you just need to take it at a different angle.

I saw an amazing NatGeo doc called Stress: Portrait of a Killer about the brain and how stress affects us. It points to Professor Dr. Robert Sapolsky's lifelong studies of baboon behavior and you can find several of his lectures online. In one of the interviews he recommends ways of coping with stress:

1. commit to consistent stress management
2. don't displace stress on others
3. maintain perspective
4. don't get gored (does this mean avoid overly stressful situations?)
5. friends

Now I know why I love to exercise so much, see #1. Gimme Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins, and just little dash of controlled Epinephrine on occasion during a hard bout to push the endurance a little farther and I'm alright!

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