Week 13 - Deep Taper

I wasn't expecting the first week of taper to be such a bummer, but it was. It's beyond my control: Hard to eat enough, eat right, sleep right, think straight, too much anxiety, PMS, emotional rollercoaster, dead tired, and the Bay Bridge has been down this week, adding extra time to my commute... What shook me out of my doldrums is I volunteered at the Marin County Tri today and that was a great cheerup. This one has a beautiful course and fun people in one of my favorite parks. Several people tri'd in their halloween costumes! The bike part has a lot of windy rolling curves, and it also became the run course this year. I got to ride it on my way to check-in after the road was closed off. I heard some of the trails inside the park were washed out because of the heavy rain. I had a great 2.5 hr bike ride back to SF - no big loss of fitness despite having not done these rides in a while (so nice to be on a bike!!!) Also, there is nothing like a good dinner out with bffhuzby and a dog lying on his back next to you with his feet up in the air and snoring to help you to relax and enjoy life.

Marin County Tri

Next Saturday's marathon was going to be my "A" race, but my pre-race ritual is to always have the next goal or event lined up. I added an ultra in December so then that one will be the A+ event. I added it when I was at my peak in "A" race training. It's amazing how goals change with your fitness level. Oly distance seems doable now. I'm looking forward to miles of beautiful trail running. Also, with the time change, will switch from sunset runs into morning sunrise runs. These are my favorite times to run.

Preparing for 2010


Jo Lynn said...

I was going to ask you if Sunday would be a good day for Boomer and I to come over to the Coastal Trail. I guess not. I should pay more attention to dates. The event I was planning on doing Sunday, I may not be doing.

Good luck Saturday! Knock 'em dead!

René said...

Thanks! Let's try to run together the following weekend!

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