End of Year!

2009 Recap:
2009 Races
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Run: 934 Bike: 2,873 Swim: 67 miles
9 races plus 1 Alcatraz Crossing, volunteered at 2 events

2009 was the year of the TRI. I learned to swim and do my first Triathlon, Ultra and Alcatraz Crossing and started getting humble AG wins in running. The total mileage was upped, but split into multiple activities. I had improved speed and endurance in running and swimming.

I found it hard to find the time and energy to do long bike rides in tandem with swimming and marathon training, but now that my swim time is better and I feel more comfortable with it I hope to get back on the bike more. Instead of running high mileage, I learned to get efficient high-intensity running workouts in each week. I picked up a new off-season sport that I like: boogieboarding!

My goal is to do more pace workouts and update my cobwebs PRs list. Do another marathon, an oly tri, a century ride, a distance swim, and let the rest happen. I'll be entering a new age group so that should be interesting! I would like to swim 800m in 15min, a 5k in under 20, and at least get a 4:20 marathon.

Cool winter recovery tip: I took it easy from running but upped my swimming mileage, and noticed that getting back into running was easier after the break because I kept up my cardio. Also, over the holidays I had a week and a half of no sugar or refined carbs. When you do that there is no such thing as a bonk and it keeps the weight down when you are in an easy phase. I see carbs alot differently now.

This has been a weird decade, full of darkness, doom and gloom, but it has also been a decade filled with some turning points. I am going to light my candle and keep it burning bright! Let's see if we can sneak in a few more running miles in today. Happy 2010!


Coastal Trail

Jo Lynn and Boomer at the Cliff House

This weekend I had the opportunity to run with Jo Lynn and Boomer and show them the San Francisco section of the beautiful Coastal Trail. I ran to meet her and we ran from Golden Gate Bridge to the Cliff House and back. She took some amazing photos before it rained. Jo Lynn is a super friendly & supportive runner and a pleasure to run with. I totally lost track of the time and ended up with 15 miles on my Garmin. It is a treat to slow down and run, bike and swim for pure enjoyment. It's been a great holiday. I feel like I have new legs! Looking forward to the new year!


Having Fun

Irene and I Boogie Boarding at Kelly's Cove

After the ultra I took a week off to relax and visit family. I had the sniffles for several weeks, but I have a feeling that is because I wasn't taking my regular cold swims in the ocean. After this weekend of going back to the cold water - I AM CURED! Seriously! I'm doing easy workouts for the rest of the year, mostly swimming. I am trying to do my part to swim at least 3-5 miles per week for the USATNCC that our club is competing in. This is more than I usually swim during regular training season and am really enjoying it. My swim times have greatly improved since last summer. Joining a tri club and a swim club has helped challenge me to go the extra mile, I highly recommend it. It has been a great year and I didn't even "plan" it that way, it seemed to evolve organically. I am keeping that in mind as I am looking at next year. The recession has left me living check-to-check and I can't sign up for all the events that I want to. But that's not going to stop me from continuing to improve by training hard and having a great time!

My friend Irene is teaching me how to catch waves. Now that I know how to swim I'm finally having a blast at Ocean Beach!



Northface Endurance Challenge 50k


I will just have to say WOW! on this one. A very challenging 32 miles! This is the hardest run I've ever done. A week's worth of mileage in one day. It's unbelievable how much climbing there is on this one. I have full respect for ultra runners that did the 50 mile. Makes flat road marathons look like a piece of cake, really.

The views are amazing. I even saw a coyote up near Hawk Hill.


The whole race experience was great, awesome volunteers, lots of slow torturous uphill powerwalking climbs, painful descents, beautiful scenery, friendly runners. Whoever made the chocolate cupcakes and brownies are an angel. They had my drink of choice which is Nuun, and vegetarian options for the hot meal at the finish. I carried my camelbak and carb flask loaded with gu. At the aid stations partook in the pb and jelly sandwiches, baked potatoes with salt (mmm), chips and chocolate cupcakes. I weighed in when I got home and lost 5 lbs. water?

Almost 8 hours of running. I'm smiling, but exhausted in lots of pain. Lower back, achilles tendon, quads, hip flexors, arms...I got some kt tape for recovery - didn't realize I could put it on before the run. Now I know.

Ran steady up wide hilly trails in the first part. This is good because then you get sorted out and not stuck behind someone on singletrack. This is also bad because if you can't keep up the pace then you get people running on top of you on singletrack. Physically, it was tough. My hip flexors gave out halfway through it, I could barely lift my legs anymore. I was using my arms to lift my leg up a few times. My lower back and achilles tendons are also quite sore. Mentally, I felt like I was being punished. Though I love trails to bits I prefer them in healthy, manageable doses. There were only a few miles of steady pace running where I could "relax". The rest were teeth clenching wtf bitch miles. It got insane by the time I reached the last third. I was LOL to myself then I saw a coyote. Not a hallucination. I didn't think to take a photo of it. It was hard to stop and start again. There was a lot of run-walk-run, counting of steps. I didn't bring an ipod but I had some songs stuck in my head. Don't ask me why but they were "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel, "Welcome to the Jungle" by Aerosmith, and "Truckin" the Pop-O-Pies version LOL.

Met some nice runners, ladies from SoCal. People were friendly as they passed by me. I'm more than happy to yield to faster runners and attempt to use them as a pacer. I noticed the legs on the people who passed - twice as thick muscly tree trunk legs! Next time I do one of these (if) I will have some jokes ready for them.

That's it for me this year. 50k to Couch program is underway. Will do lots of swimming and easy running for the remainder of 2009. The rains are here which makes cycling a drag.

Northface Endurance Challenge website


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