End of Year!

2009 Recap:
2009 Races
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Run: 934 Bike: 2,873 Swim: 67 miles
9 races plus 1 Alcatraz Crossing, volunteered at 2 events

2009 was the year of the TRI. I learned to swim and do my first Triathlon, Ultra and Alcatraz Crossing and started getting humble AG wins in running. The total mileage was upped, but split into multiple activities. I had improved speed and endurance in running and swimming.

I found it hard to find the time and energy to do long bike rides in tandem with swimming and marathon training, but now that my swim time is better and I feel more comfortable with it I hope to get back on the bike more. Instead of running high mileage, I learned to get efficient high-intensity running workouts in each week. I picked up a new off-season sport that I like: boogieboarding!

My goal is to do more pace workouts and update my cobwebs PRs list. Do another marathon, an oly tri, a century ride, a distance swim, and let the rest happen. I'll be entering a new age group so that should be interesting! I would like to swim 800m in 15min, a 5k in under 20, and at least get a 4:20 marathon.

Cool winter recovery tip: I took it easy from running but upped my swimming mileage, and noticed that getting back into running was easier after the break because I kept up my cardio. Also, over the holidays I had a week and a half of no sugar or refined carbs. When you do that there is no such thing as a bonk and it keeps the weight down when you are in an easy phase. I see carbs alot differently now.

This has been a weird decade, full of darkness, doom and gloom, but it has also been a decade filled with some turning points. I am going to light my candle and keep it burning bright! Let's see if we can sneak in a few more running miles in today. Happy 2010!


fuzzbuzz said…
Happy 2010, looking forward to more of your adventures sis!

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