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Irene and I Boogie Boarding at Kelly's Cove

After the ultra I took a week off to relax and visit family. I had the sniffles for several weeks, but I have a feeling that is because I wasn't taking my regular cold swims in the ocean. After this weekend of going back to the cold water - I AM CURED! Seriously! I'm doing easy workouts for the rest of the year, mostly swimming. I am trying to do my part to swim at least 3-5 miles per week for the USATNCC that our club is competing in. This is more than I usually swim during regular training season and am really enjoying it. My swim times have greatly improved since last summer. Joining a tri club and a swim club has helped challenge me to go the extra mile, I highly recommend it. It has been a great year and I didn't even "plan" it that way, it seemed to evolve organically. I am keeping that in mind as I am looking at next year. The recession has left me living check-to-check and I can't sign up for all the events that I want to. But that's not going to stop me from continuing to improve by training hard and having a great time!

My friend Irene is teaching me how to catch waves. Now that I know how to swim I'm finally having a blast at Ocean Beach!



Jo Lynn said...

I wish I could have seen you walking on the beach in THOSE shoes! LOLOL
Sorry you had the sniffles. Blah!
Stay well and keep up the hard work. ;)
When are we going to run on your trail?

René said...

It is so hard to walk in these flippers let me tell ya. Let's run next weekend if it isn't raining. I'm feeling a lot better.

Jo Lynn said...

Hey girl!
I thought I had your email address, but I don't. Are dogs allowed on the Coastal Trail? I'm available Saturday so let me know how we could hook up to run.
jojomc250 at aol dot com ;)

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