Wk #4 - Epic Swim!

S:5 B:50 R:24.5
2010 training is off to a great start. After 3 weeks of steady efforts, taking it down a notch on the fourth week. Kept up with the running but cut back on the bike to get ready for an epic swim on Saturday with Water World Swim. After seeing the gigantic wolf moon setting before dawn, we jumped off The Dauntless by the Golden Gate Bridge and swam to the Aquatic Park on the flood tide. It was very exciting! I was nervous in the beginning after jumping off the boat - Irene and I decided only last week to do this - but the water felt great and it was so amazing to be out in the middle of the bay. Though the surface of the water looked smooth and glassy, there was actually a good current moving into the bay. I learned a lot about navigation on this one. We set our sights on Alcatraz for the first 10 minutes, then angled toward land for the dome of the Palace of Fine Arts. It was a bit foggy and the sun had come out, so headed toward the glare of the sun for a bit. The water felt warmer than usual, and every ten seconds or so came the swells that pushed you a little further and up and down like a boat. It was a unique experience.

Though there were nine of us, we kind of spread out into little groups. I found a group of 3, and just tried to follow them. By the time I could see the dome, it was time to angle toward Fort Mason. Here is where we had to make a more sharp angle toward shore. Our group of four turned into two. I just kept following the person in front but I wish I had angled or sprinted just a tiny bit more because before I knew it I was getting close to the Aquatic Park and wanted to be closer to the pier so I could make it to the opening in time. I just barely made it, and had to hussle and swim against the current a little and push through. I was so happy to get inside the cove! The Dauntless was nearby with another support boat if we ever wanted to get back on the boat, but I was having a great time swimming. I made it to shore in an hour and 4 minutes and still felt like I could keep on swimming. I still can't believe I did it - it felt like a dream! I'm psyched to do more epic bay swims.

Golden Gate Bridge to Aquatic Park Swim

Irene brought her camera and took some photos. She did great!

Next week is the KP Half-Marathon and am going to make sure to save some energy for the race. I noticed on Ryan's taper week that he has an intense interval run 2 days before the race. LOL! no way I'm doing that, homie!


Wk #3 - In the Zone

S:2.9 B:108.21 R:26.94
my week starts on Monday, (our club USAT NCC spreadsheet starts on Sunday)

a view from the Coastal Trail

It's been a good week despite all the much needed rain. I'm getting used to the schedule. Felt a little tired toward the end, but put in a good effort on the running speedwork. Crossing off the other workouts was a bonus (9 in total: 3 swims, 3 runs, 2 bikes + bike to work for the week which I count as 1, and 2 rest days). Did not do 2 minute miles workout on the bike this week, but got a good resistance workout at 5min/mi and a long ride at 6min/mi. For the third week in a row I am not able to get and keep the desired marathon pace for the long run, so am going to accept it, relax and try to just ENJOY it and keep building up the mileage. I know I can hussle when I really need to, and will save the turbo juice for the other two interval and tempo runs. I did notice the overall pace is a little faster than last week and I ran more comfortably. Will continue to work on lengthening the stride. I signed up for the Golden Gate Bridge to Aquatic Park swim next Saturday. Here is a video of us swimming in the bay:

I registered for NERT training. I want to know what to do and how I can help out in my area when there is an emergency.


Sample Workouts

I had such a great workout this morning that I forgot it was raining outside and that I had to go to work LOL...Here are a couple of workouts from this week:

Swimming: My favorite workout!
4 x 100m wu drills combo: sidekick + shark fin,
breast + back
2 x 200m free reach and catchup on the odds / pull on the evens
2 x 400m free or 1 x 800m free with variations:

w/last 100m fast, alternating sprints, or negative splits

I did an experiment this morning and did 400m with all out 50m sprints alternating with 50m recoveries, and then did a 400m with 200m easy pace then 200m fast but sustainable pace, and the times came out about the same.

Here is the Furman Institute running workout I did on Tuesday that exhausted my adductors!

Speed Descent
10-20 min. warmup
1200, 1000,800, 600, 400, 200 at around 10k pace w/ 200 RI
10 min. cool down

and here is what it looks like in the Garmin:

You can adjust your own speed. I like the Garmin program capability because I can make up a track workout anywhere. I was so sore yesterday I had to take a rest day. The fast twitch muscle factory had to regroup. Lengthening the stride with speed is a whole new world. I can't do these on the treadmill, have to go outside and stretch the legs! With the hill training, the pressure was on hip flexors, calves and achilles tendon, now with speed strides it is the adductors and deep quads.

When I used to do TaeKwonDo our Sabumnim would ask us in the middle of class if we were tired. If we said yes, we would have to do 50 pushups. Are you tired?


Wk #2 - Balance

Thoughts, prayers and donations go out to Haiti...It's very frustrating knowing that the aid is not getting there fast enough. Everything else seems trivial in comparison to what they are dealing with.

A break in the weather #ocean on Twitpic
View from the Coastal Trail @ Sutro Baths
S:2.75 B:118.5 R:25.5

Swim: good pool workout and open water swim in the cove this weekend. Time continues to get better the more I do the little sprint sessions. Working on maintaining pull and propulsion with speed. Better stroke efficiency. Staying longer in cold water.

Run: Marathon/half-marathon training is going well, though it is challenging to run 3x/wk as if you are racing. I am not getting a steady MP in the long runs, but I get a lot of variety in the course, including hills so I can maintain the fitness from all that hill training that I did last year. Working on pacing and longer strides.

Bike: Doing more cycling has given me tons more energy. Not sure why but perhaps it is just spending a few more hours in the aerobic zone that's keeping the metabolism revved. Sometimes it is difficult to sleep. My goal is to get at least 100 miles in every week. The rain is here. I don't mind riding in the rain, but man the bike sure does get dirty! I spent a good hour cleaning my bike after yesterday's 5 hour ride. I got a late start and accepted the fact that it would get dark and probably rain, so prepared to ride in it. I have an awesome light. However, I didn't prepare to get lost and my phone to die. I think I added an extra hour to my ride just trying to find my way in the dark foggy rain. Things that look familiar during the day are totally different at night. But it was an adventure, and where there is a bike, there is an adventure to be had!


Week 1 - 2010

S:3 B:103 R:24
You know you've put in a good week of training when you are ready for the rest day! This has been a good first week of training doing something new for me which is regular pace workouts. I'm in my third year of running and it's time. I'm getting ready for BSIM using the F.I.R.S.T. plan method, which focuses on race pacing. It is the metric marathon plan - it looks very similar to Ryan Hall's Half-Marathon training plan. The key workout #1 is very ambitious in the Threshold Zone 5, and it is challenging to run at different speeds and maintain them. The McMillan Running Calculator is a good tool to use for realistic pacing targets. The plan recommends doing your own easy mileage on the other days of the week, but I have set off to do more cardio swimming and cycling on those days so I can be ready for triathlons or bike rides in the spring that I haven't signed up for yet. 3 x 3 of each with 3 double up days. It feels more balanced to be back on the bike, even though I ride my bike to work and never really am completely off the bike, it's great to be able to go for a longer ride to a nice place rather than the greyhound station:

view of sf from sausalito

Today's long run was almost all at marathon pace on the upcoming half-marathon course, which I thought was easy at first, NOT realizing that I had a strong tailwind assisting me that I would have to contend with on the way back, dropping the marathon pace to a recovery pace. Note to self: observe the wind conditions on race day.

I don't know how so much training has become such a major focus of my life but it keeps me focused on positive things which I need right now. I just feel that positive things that work should be embraced and nurtured so I have the energy and strength to deal with the negative things that aren't working. The unexpected bonus is that being involved in it has attracted MORE positive energy and people to my life like a magnet.

One of those people is my swim partner! I am so glad I found an experienced swim partner. Every weekend we make a plan to go swimming and this weekend we went to the pool. I learned some great tips on other strokes from her and tried her long fins. If you ever want to swim like a dolphin, then try the loooong fins! She does a beautiful butterfly and tried to show me but I couldn't do it - it's very difficult. Last summer I saw someone leading the swim in a local triathlon approaching the shore in butterfly. Very artful! It made me realize what a graceful sport triathlon is and there are places you can really express yourself like the swim. For open water training the Sunday Swims are back, and there are also some Saturday swims with Swim Art coming up.

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