Sample Workouts

I had such a great workout this morning that I forgot it was raining outside and that I had to go to work LOL...Here are a couple of workouts from this week:

Swimming: My favorite workout!
4 x 100m wu drills combo: sidekick + shark fin,
breast + back
2 x 200m free reach and catchup on the odds / pull on the evens
2 x 400m free or 1 x 800m free with variations:

w/last 100m fast, alternating sprints, or negative splits

I did an experiment this morning and did 400m with all out 50m sprints alternating with 50m recoveries, and then did a 400m with 200m easy pace then 200m fast but sustainable pace, and the times came out about the same.

Here is the Furman Institute running workout I did on Tuesday that exhausted my adductors!

Speed Descent
10-20 min. warmup
1200, 1000,800, 600, 400, 200 at around 10k pace w/ 200 RI
10 min. cool down

and here is what it looks like in the Garmin:

You can adjust your own speed. I like the Garmin program capability because I can make up a track workout anywhere. I was so sore yesterday I had to take a rest day. The fast twitch muscle factory had to regroup. Lengthening the stride with speed is a whole new world. I can't do these on the treadmill, have to go outside and stretch the legs! With the hill training, the pressure was on hip flexors, calves and achilles tendon, now with speed strides it is the adductors and deep quads.

When I used to do TaeKwonDo our Sabumnim would ask us in the middle of class if we were tired. If we said yes, we would have to do 50 pushups. Are you tired?


Jo Lynn said...

Nah, I'm not tired! LOL

Are you doing all this swimming in the bay?

René said...

I'm so glad you said you're NOT tired because that was a trick question and Sabumnim says do 100 jump kicks AND 50 pushups! :-D

For these workouts I jump in the pool, but you can do them anywhere. I try to go in the bay every weekend for a group swim with Water World Swim. Come on down!

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