Week 1 - 2010

S:3 B:103 R:24
You know you've put in a good week of training when you are ready for the rest day! This has been a good first week of training doing something new for me which is regular pace workouts. I'm in my third year of running and it's time. I'm getting ready for BSIM using the F.I.R.S.T. plan method, which focuses on race pacing. It is the metric marathon plan - it looks very similar to Ryan Hall's Half-Marathon training plan. The key workout #1 is very ambitious in the Threshold Zone 5, and it is challenging to run at different speeds and maintain them. The McMillan Running Calculator is a good tool to use for realistic pacing targets. The plan recommends doing your own easy mileage on the other days of the week, but I have set off to do more cardio swimming and cycling on those days so I can be ready for triathlons or bike rides in the spring that I haven't signed up for yet. 3 x 3 of each with 3 double up days. It feels more balanced to be back on the bike, even though I ride my bike to work and never really am completely off the bike, it's great to be able to go for a longer ride to a nice place rather than the greyhound station:

view of sf from sausalito

Today's long run was almost all at marathon pace on the upcoming half-marathon course, which I thought was easy at first, NOT realizing that I had a strong tailwind assisting me that I would have to contend with on the way back, dropping the marathon pace to a recovery pace. Note to self: observe the wind conditions on race day.

I don't know how so much training has become such a major focus of my life but it keeps me focused on positive things which I need right now. I just feel that positive things that work should be embraced and nurtured so I have the energy and strength to deal with the negative things that aren't working. The unexpected bonus is that being involved in it has attracted MORE positive energy and people to my life like a magnet.

One of those people is my swim partner! I am so glad I found an experienced swim partner. Every weekend we make a plan to go swimming and this weekend we went to the pool. I learned some great tips on other strokes from her and tried her long fins. If you ever want to swim like a dolphin, then try the loooong fins! She does a beautiful butterfly and tried to show me but I couldn't do it - it's very difficult. Last summer I saw someone leading the swim in a local triathlon approaching the shore in butterfly. Very artful! It made me realize what a graceful sport triathlon is and there are places you can really express yourself like the swim. For open water training the Sunday Swims are back, and there are also some Saturday swims with Swim Art coming up.


RHP said...

i've come across your blog this morning (searching for fall trail run events) as i'm in the early stages of getting back on the road to fitness and healt. a quick perusal reveals your blog to be an ocean of resources and inspiration.

thank you!

René said...

Thanks I'm glad you find it useful. It took a while for me to find out these things so I try to share as much as I can. Peace.

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