Wk #2 - Balance

Thoughts, prayers and donations go out to Haiti...It's very frustrating knowing that the aid is not getting there fast enough. Everything else seems trivial in comparison to what they are dealing with.

A break in the weather #ocean on Twitpic
View from the Coastal Trail @ Sutro Baths
S:2.75 B:118.5 R:25.5

Swim: good pool workout and open water swim in the cove this weekend. Time continues to get better the more I do the little sprint sessions. Working on maintaining pull and propulsion with speed. Better stroke efficiency. Staying longer in cold water.

Run: Marathon/half-marathon training is going well, though it is challenging to run 3x/wk as if you are racing. I am not getting a steady MP in the long runs, but I get a lot of variety in the course, including hills so I can maintain the fitness from all that hill training that I did last year. Working on pacing and longer strides.

Bike: Doing more cycling has given me tons more energy. Not sure why but perhaps it is just spending a few more hours in the aerobic zone that's keeping the metabolism revved. Sometimes it is difficult to sleep. My goal is to get at least 100 miles in every week. The rain is here. I don't mind riding in the rain, but man the bike sure does get dirty! I spent a good hour cleaning my bike after yesterday's 5 hour ride. I got a late start and accepted the fact that it would get dark and probably rain, so prepared to ride in it. I have an awesome light. However, I didn't prepare to get lost and my phone to die. I think I added an extra hour to my ride just trying to find my way in the dark foggy rain. Things that look familiar during the day are totally different at night. But it was an adventure, and where there is a bike, there is an adventure to be had!

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