Wk #3 - In the Zone

S:2.9 B:108.21 R:26.94
my week starts on Monday, (our club USAT NCC spreadsheet starts on Sunday)

a view from the Coastal Trail

It's been a good week despite all the much needed rain. I'm getting used to the schedule. Felt a little tired toward the end, but put in a good effort on the running speedwork. Crossing off the other workouts was a bonus (9 in total: 3 swims, 3 runs, 2 bikes + bike to work for the week which I count as 1, and 2 rest days). Did not do 2 minute miles workout on the bike this week, but got a good resistance workout at 5min/mi and a long ride at 6min/mi. For the third week in a row I am not able to get and keep the desired marathon pace for the long run, so am going to accept it, relax and try to just ENJOY it and keep building up the mileage. I know I can hussle when I really need to, and will save the turbo juice for the other two interval and tempo runs. I did notice the overall pace is a little faster than last week and I ran more comfortably. Will continue to work on lengthening the stride. I signed up for the Golden Gate Bridge to Aquatic Park swim next Saturday. Here is a video of us swimming in the bay:

I registered for NERT training. I want to know what to do and how I can help out in my area when there is an emergency.


Thomas said...

A very productive workout week there, keep it up! Good for you for signing up for NERT training. Wish we have one here in the Seattle area. I did Big Sur in 2006. One of the most scenic marathon courses I've done to date.

René said...

I'm looking forward to it. By the way, I found out there is emergency training in your area. It goes by "SNAP". Check the Citizen Corps website:


Happy running!

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