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What Week Am I On - #8

My thoughts are with Chile tonight. I hope they get the help they need soon as possible.

S:1.5 B: 34.5 R: 27.6
I just barely made it through the week with low energy but finishing today on a good note. I finally signed up for a summer triathlon. The Golden Gate Triathlon: affordable, local and beautiful course. Plus I had such a blissful time last year doing the sprint. Long run of 18 miles and excellent swim today.

Video: Alcatraz Crossing February

If you are interested in open water swimming, Coach Pedro of Water World Swim will be discussing Open Water Swimming at Sports Basement Presidio, 610 Old Mason St. San Francisco, CA Thursday, March 4, 6:30pm-7:30pm

I really enjoy swimming with Water World Swim, so I became a member this year. I just wanted to train for a triathlon and didn't think I would enjoy swimming this much. Now I'm hooked.

Week #7 - Coasting the Plateau

S:1.25 B:36 R:26
Two more months until the Marathon and I'm feeling a lull in energy. I think this is the plateau period before I head up the next ramp in mileage. It was really hard to pick up the pace after the last race, but I'm glad I pushed myself. I feel I'm getting a little closer to my goal marathon pace. I swam in the rain today and felt great. I took it for granted that I'm swimming entire buoy lengths without stopping until another swimmer mentioned it. Focusing on little positive things to get through it. I'm welcoming the sight of cherry blossoms. That means spring is around the corner.

Week #6 - Aquarian Slow Motion

S:1.8 B: 41 R:8 (Feb 8-14)
Happy birthday to all the fellow Aquarians out there! After the race, the pace really slowed down. The legs were quite sore a day and two after, so I didn't even look at a training plan all week. Aside from working part-time, just did recovery running, a few swims and video editing. Here is a video I did for my swim group with some tips for a successful Alcatraz crossing:

The water at Aquatic Park yesterday was 54°F. If you swim there every week you get used to it. Especially if you go daily. I find this temperature very comfortable in a wetsuit. In the video, you'll notice they are wearing two or three caps: a neoprene skull cap with 1 or 2 latex on top. In winter like to wear 3 caps: a silicone cap on the bottom, a thermal lycra-lined swim cap in the middle, and a bright colored latex on top so that boats can see you. I also have some thermal fleece swim socks that I wear underneath my booties. No gloves needed - some people like them. The body is g…

Week #5 - KP SF Half Marathon

S:0 B:49.5 R:24.6

Wow - what a change in the weather! It actually feels like spring. What happened? It was a perfect day to run the KP SF Half Marathon. Third time doing this race and the sun was out, beautiful! Just a little windy on the Great Highway coming back hard to keep pace. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits - good positive energy. Alot of Big Sur Int. Marathon shirts on the course. Managed to get a PR 6:39 seconds better than last year and actually feel more comfortable doing it. I love this race! The mild hills on this course used to bug me, but after doing hill work, Mt. Tam and Headlands trail runs last year was not even a blip on the radar. For some reason, my Garmin went to multisport mode so I didn't get all my split times. I kept looking at my watch to make sure I was between 7 - 8mph. I brought my fuel belt and carb flask, so only stopped once at mile 8 to refill. Integrating longer strides is coming along. I have been running without music on the pace runs …