Week #6 - Aquarian Slow Motion

S:1.8 B: 41 R:8 (Feb 8-14)
Happy birthday to all the fellow Aquarians out there! After the race, the pace really slowed down. The legs were quite sore a day and two after, so I didn't even look at a training plan all week. Aside from working part-time, just did recovery running, a few swims and video editing. Here is a video I did for my swim group with some tips for a successful Alcatraz crossing:

The water at Aquatic Park yesterday was 54°F. If you swim there every week you get used to it. Especially if you go daily. I find this temperature very comfortable in a wetsuit. In the video, you'll notice they are wearing two or three caps: a neoprene skull cap with 1 or 2 latex on top. In winter like to wear 3 caps: a silicone cap on the bottom, a thermal lycra-lined swim cap in the middle, and a bright colored latex on top so that boats can see you. I also have some thermal fleece swim socks that I wear underneath my booties. No gloves needed - some people like them. The body is going to do what it needs to do to adapt to the cold, such as shunt the blood from your extremities. You will know when you need to get out of the water. I noticed that after regular swimming in the bay, I can get in easier, stay in longer and the recovery is getting quicker also. And I didn't get sick last year! Cold water + negative ions = immune system enhancement!

There are no big waves here like at Ocean Beach. In case you were wondering how deep (or shallow) the Aquatic Park is, check out Allen's video. It shows a typical training swim inside the cove. At low tide you can touch the bottom in several places. Also at low tide, you can see the pretty starfish on the seawall. I had a great post-birthday swim there in the fog. I will do a long run today now the sun is shining.


Jo Lynn said...

If my memory serves me correctly, you are in my "age group" now? I may be wrong, if I am, SORRY. But, I hope it was happy.
Great video, BTW. ;)

René said...

Yes! I'm in the 40 - 49 age group now and quite glad to be here...in good spirits and fine company I must say! If you have any advice, I'm all ears.

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