What Week Am I On - #8

My thoughts are with Chile tonight. I hope they get the help they need soon as possible.

S:1.5 B: 34.5 R: 27.6
I just barely made it through the week with low energy but finishing today on a good note. I finally signed up for a summer triathlon. The Golden Gate Triathlon: affordable, local and beautiful course. Plus I had such a blissful time last year doing the sprint. Long run of 18 miles and excellent swim today.

At the opening

Video: Alcatraz Crossing February

If you are interested in open water swimming, Coach Pedro of Water World Swim will be discussing Open Water Swimming at Sports Basement Presidio, 610 Old Mason St. San Francisco, CA Thursday, March 4, 6:30pm-7:30pm

I really enjoy swimming with Water World Swim, so I became a member this year. I just wanted to train for a triathlon and didn't think I would enjoy swimming this much. Now I'm hooked.


The Green Girl said...

Whoo hoo! Congratulations on registering for The Golden Gate Triathlon.

That's awesome that you are enjoying swimming so much.

René said...

Thanks! There is a wall of fear to conquer getting into the water initially. I'm glad that is over with and now I can enjoy the rewards!

The Green Girl said...

::nodding:: I know I'm intimidated by the thought of open water swimming.

When I become tri-girl one day, I'll definitely stick to pool tri's first. Also, with all my allergies, I'm not sure lake/ocean/pond swimming is even a good idea.

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