Week 12

March 22-28
S:1.25 B:98 R:6

This week definitely broke the routine. I couldn't run on my ankle so I spent alot of time on the elliptical and the bike and got some strength training in. I was getting worried on Friday because I did a test run and could only do a mile before it felt tender. Today it is cooperating and I was able to run for an hour on it. RELIEF! I'm so glad I have cross-training activities to fall back on. That elliptical is also a heck of a workout. Now I can get back to making sure I'm ready for the marathon and century in the upcoming weeks.


All the way up to 11 - Alcatraz!

March 15-21
S:3.8 B: 62.95 R:13
Alcatraz Crossing March 20, 2010
This was a good week, focused on doing the Alcatraz swim crossing on Saturday morning with Water World Swim. This was an exciting and challenging venture, not for the feint of heart. It was a bit windy, so had some choppiness especially close to the island. I felt like I was going up and down more than swimming forward, and hard to catch a good rhythm. But Coach Pedro says when mother nature dances you have to take her lead and be flexible. Good day for mental training and navigation. I can't imagine people that have never swam in open water before especially in choppy conditions try do this swim for the first time on triathlon day! All I can say is you could be in for a BIG SURPRISE. We got lots of good tips on the swim, and how to navigate to St. Francis Yacht club on the current. Though I knew the cue when to turn right, I don't know why I waited so long. It was the fear of current sending me past the beach and I wanted to get to calmer waters, but it would have been done a lot faster than an hour if I had just turned as soon as the cue landmark was right in front of me. Excellent preparation for the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. This was part of a clinic for the triathletes:

Swim Tips for the 30th Annual 2010 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

I didn't realize I was in the video lol! I had a turquoise top on and a camera slung around my shoulder. I'm not doing the Escape, I just like the Alcatraz swim and swimming in the bay with a great group of people. It's different every day and always changing. If you are doing Sharkfest, it's even more important to practice navigation beforehand because it's tricky to make it to the opening of Aquatic Park even in calm waters because of the breakwater at the wall.

wind: 9kts
air: 52°F
current: end of strong ebb
distance swims completed: 3 (1 Alcatraz - AP, 1 Alcatraz - StFYC, 1 GGB - AP)
3D map of the SF Bay floor

I was going to do my long run then felt a twinge of pain on my ankle, now I'm taped up with sports tape. Just did an hour of elliptical and spinning and taking it easy. Maybe it's time to put the speedwork away. Just when I was hoping to max out my mileage. Something always turns up. I'm not worried, though. I'm in it for the fun. I run to reduce stress, not to cause stress. Spring is here, which means lots of light in the evening for bike rides, swims and runs, dog parks, etc.

Sunrise Run

Be careful out there folks. Mother Nature is beautiful but also fierce. There are certain places that are safe to swim and places to stay away from, especially if you are alone. Know the conditions before you go.


Week #10

IMG_9923.JPG S:2.8 B:44 R:33
Today was an epic training day, 1 hr swim and 2 1/2 hr run along the waterfront at Sunday Streets. Beautiful day. It was easy to do 9:30 - 10:00 pace for the long run. I found that it feels better to do the fast speedwork later on in the week and not the first workout after the long run. I don't know what happened to my 5k race pace (longer repeats maybe) but I'm not going to worry about that right now. I'm able to make the 8:00 pace way more comfortable. The strides are getting stronger. Did CPR training on Saturday at the Red Cross, so no bike ride. Swimming Alcatraz next week!

Sunday Streets


Week #9

S: 1.5

The week started off really weak. My poor pup had seizures three nights in a row. His epilepsy surfaces maybe twice a year like this. He has a grand mal, which is followed by constant pacing in half-blind state. That's when I grab his leash and we go for brisk walk outside at 1am. Then 2 hours later, followed by another one. The first night this happened 3 times. The seizures gradually decrease in intensity over the next few days. We're so thankful to have found the right meds and diet for him - this used to happen every 2 months!

I can't think of anything worse for your body and mind than no sleep. He was very exhausted also by the end of it.

I postponed my interval run and plan to up my bike and swim mileage. Here is what the fancy interval run looked like, it's from a FIRST training plan:

I sandwiched this run in some hills, because I heard BSIM is hilly. Maybe I need to check the elevation chart.

Sunday Swims - an excellent swim in the bay. We had a nice big group full of folks training for the ESCAPE. Joseph said it was like a party! The water party was followed by a nice long 20 mile run on the Coastal Bliss loop. It was so windy I got sandblasted at Baker and Ocean beach. It's fun to watch the hawks hang stationary in the wind without flapping their wings. I love my "aid station" at JAVA BEACH! They have bagels, croissants, pastries, and there is water at the very end of the bar. Surprisingly, I actually had energy after my run and stepped out with my man. Maybe it's because I stayed fueled up throughout the run. I wasn't starving afterwards.

Looking forward to another Alcatraz swim this month, time to up the mileage. I think I'm most nervous about the Century and getting prepared for it at the same time as getting prepared for a marathon, but will do my best. The spring events will put me in a good place for the summer triathlon.

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