Week 12

March 22-28
S:1.25 B:98 R:6

This week definitely broke the routine. I couldn't run on my ankle so I spent alot of time on the elliptical and the bike and got some strength training in. I was getting worried on Friday because I did a test run and could only do a mile before it felt tender. Today it is cooperating and I was able to run for an hour on it. RELIEF! I'm so glad I have cross-training activities to fall back on. That elliptical is also a heck of a workout. Now I can get back to making sure I'm ready for the marathon and century in the upcoming weeks.


The Green Girl said...

I'm so glad your ankle is doing better. Yeay!

Jo Lynn said...

You got a lot of biking in this week, good for you. Yah, ankle injuries SUCK for us runners. Glad it's better for you. ;)

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