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Big Sur International Marathon

April 19-25
S:.5 B:36.7 R: 31.7

I had so much fun hanging out in Big Sur and Carmel-by-the-Sea that I almost forgot I had a marathon on Sunday! It is really gorgeous out there! Look at how clear and blue the water is:

I lined up somewhere in the 4:45 zone, but ran near the 4:30 pace group until around mile 18. They were just doing their negative split LOL so when they took off they were gone. I kept my pace under 10:00 but on the hills went down to 12:00 and then had a strong finish the last 200m. I was monitoring my heart rate and tried not to let it go over maximum on the uphills. I could feel it pounding my chest. It was really blazing hot, so expected the heart rate to be at least 10 beats more than usual. I saw a guy running completely barefoot and could only imagine how hot his feet were getting on the asphalt. Hurricane Point was challenging, but it was the constant little rolling hills that got me at the end. There are non-stop amazing views on the course! You had to be care…

Week 15

April 12 - 18
S:1.94 B:50 R:19
It's been the week of civic participation for me: I paid my taxes, did jury duty and volunteered. woohoo!

The marathon is next week and I was getting a big laugh out of my mileage graph for my training. Instead of going up and making a nice round peak on the second rise, it looks like a big crater in the middle LOL! That was when my ankle was bothering me.

Good timing, eh? I have a sneaky feeling that maybe I tweaked my ankle in March when running out of the water from my Alcatraz swim. This is exactly what coach Pedro told us not to do. Why didn't I listen? When you do your tri in cold water, don't run stampeding onto the beach until you get your bearings and get a little blood flowing into your feet first. I didn't really feel anything because my feet were numb. It's like when you go to the dentist and they tell you not to eat anything after the numbing because you might bite your lip.

The water was great today - going to try without th…

Week 14

April 5 - 11
S:1.87 B:72.65 R:26.5
I was waiting for spring to come and then when it came, everything got busy. It's sometimes challenging to fit training in to busy, rainy days, but I keep it going at least minimally on a weekly basis because it is the foundation of my holistic health and serenity. The more hectic things get, the more I need to run, bike, swim and stretch!

Swimming at Aquatic Park Sunday morning, light rain

Swimming at Aquatic Park Thursday evening,
beautiful sunset!

The marathon is at the end of the month and my pace has fallen off. For the century, I should be biking way more, but it seems impossible. I need to clean my apartment! :-)

Swim for Chile

April 3, 2010 - Water World Swimmers swim from Alcatraz in San Francisco to raise funds for Colegio Insular Robinson Crusoe, a school in Chile which was destroyed by the tsunami on February 27, 2010 after the earthquake. For more information, visit

There were so many nice shots I had to edit out. At the end of the year maybe I'll make an out-takes reel.

Week Lucky 13

March 29 - April 4
R: 12.93 (darn, almost 13!) B:55.85 S:2.49
The number 13 is a lucky number for me. I'm glad I made it this far. This weekend I am feeling really lazy. I didn't do anything yesterday except ride around on the zodiac with Brent filming WWS swimmers swimming from Alcatraz to benefit Colegio Insular Robinson Crusoe, a school in Chile wiped out by the tsunami. It was a really tough swim and the current was strong. I got tired just watching them fight the ocean. I had left the house in a hurry without eating breakfast then had a major bonk. I'll post the video once it is done.

Had a good swim today going outside the cove with the fast swimmers along the seawall and back around. It was the end of the ebb and getting ready for the flood, so I wanted to hurry up. I am a medium swimmer so I ended up way in the back alone. There were some swells and I got slapped around a little, but I just sucked it up and kept swimming. This is where grounding techniques of all kin…

Kayakers and Lifeguards wanted

I am reposting this to spread the word:

Water World Swim is giving our help and support to the organizers of the Escape from Alcatraz on May 2nd, 2010. If you are a kayaker or have experience in this sport and need a kayak, we will be providing you with one. Lifeguards and kayakers will be compensated for their time in the Bay. Send us an email to if you are interested in volunteering for this event. LOTS OF FUN GUARANTEED.

There is also a SWIM FOR CHILE- This Saturday April 3rd.