Big Sur International Marathon

April 19-25
S:.5 B:36.7 R: 31.7

I had so much fun hanging out in Big Sur and Carmel-by-the-Sea that I almost forgot I had a marathon on Sunday! It is really gorgeous out there! Look at how clear and blue the water is:
Big Sur International Marathon

I lined up somewhere in the 4:45 zone, but ran near the 4:30 pace group until around mile 18. They were just doing their negative split LOL so when they took off they were gone. I kept my pace under 10:00 but on the hills went down to 12:00 and then had a strong finish the last 200m. I was monitoring my heart rate and tried not to let it go over maximum on the uphills. I could feel it pounding my chest. It was really blazing hot, so expected the heart rate to be at least 10 beats more than usual. I saw a guy running completely barefoot and could only imagine how hot his feet were getting on the asphalt. Hurricane Point was challenging, but it was the constant little rolling hills that got me at the end. There are non-stop amazing views on the course! You had to be careful not to bump into people as they were taking photos. The only thing that could have made it better is if it was on trails. The music was great, I wish there was more. Great support along the course. I thank the organizers and volunteers for doing a super job for such a large event, and my friend for cooking up some yummy meals all weekend. We ate good.
Big Sur International Marathon
Big Sur International Marathon
Big Sur International Marathon

Camping by the river in Big Sur
Big Sur
Big Sur

This is definitely one to remember!
4:38:42 PR

I think the FIRST training plan served me well, and would have done even better if I had not tweaked my ankle. I am not going to go full-on barefoot running, but will do some barefoot running on the beach sand to strengthen the foot a bit.


The Green Girl said...

Wow, those shots are breathtaking.

Congratulations on keeping up the pace and maintaining the heart rate in the heat - way to go!

And nice going on the PR ::high fives::!

Bob said...

congratulations. you're inspiring.

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