Week 14

April 5 - 11
S:1.87 B:72.65 R:26.5
I was waiting for spring to come and then when it came, everything got busy. It's sometimes challenging to fit training in to busy, rainy days, but I keep it going at least minimally on a weekly basis because it is the foundation of my holistic health and serenity. The more hectic things get, the more I need to run, bike, swim and stretch!

swimming in the rain
Swimming at Aquatic Park Sunday morning, light rain

Thursday night swim AP on Twitpic
Swimming at Aquatic Park Thursday evening,
beautiful sunset!

The marathon is at the end of the month and my pace has fallen off. For the century, I should be biking way more, but it seems impossible. I need to clean my apartment! :-)


Jo Lynn said...

Okay, I know you are "wet" when you swim but it just seems wrong to swim that water when it's raining. Good job! ;)

René said...

The cold water is just the thing for sore muscles from the previous day's workout!

The Green Girl said...

I loved how you said that - 'it is the foundation of my holistic health and serenity'.

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