Week 15

April 12 - 18
S:1.94 B:50 R:19
It's been the week of civic participation for me: I paid my taxes, did jury duty and volunteered. woohoo!

The marathon is next week and I was getting a big laugh out of my mileage graph for my training. Instead of going up and making a nice round peak on the second rise, it looks like a big crater in the middle LOL! That was when my ankle was bothering me.

Good timing, eh? I have a sneaky feeling that maybe I tweaked my ankle in March when running out of the water from my Alcatraz swim. This is exactly what coach Pedro told us not to do. Why didn't I listen? When you do your tri in cold water, don't run stampeding onto the beach until you get your bearings and get a little blood flowing into your feet first. I didn't really feel anything because my feet were numb. It's like when you go to the dentist and they tell you not to eat anything after the numbing because you might bite your lip.

The water was great today - going to try without the wetsuit next time. Coach Pedro is explaining some tips for the Escape from Alcatraz tri.

Water World April

Today's run
Coastal Trail view on Twitpic

NERTs had the big citywide drill yesterday. Big turnout - lots of fun making order out of chaos. We have good mentors and a good team. The firefighters have such a tough and dangerous job. They risk their lives. I have so much respect for the work that they do. After doing all the training they gave us, I feel much more self-prepared for an emergency.

NERT 20th Anniversary T-shirt

72 Hours


Jo Lynn said...

Really? No wet suit? Dang!
Good luck next week. ;)

René said...

Thanks, I'm going to need it!

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