Week Lucky 13

March 29 - April 4
R: 12.93 (darn, almost 13!) B:55.85 S:2.49
The number 13 is a lucky number for me. I'm glad I made it this far. This weekend I am feeling really lazy. I didn't do anything yesterday except ride around on the zodiac with Brent filming WWS swimmers swimming from Alcatraz to benefit Colegio Insular Robinson Crusoe, a school in Chile wiped out by the tsunami. It was a really tough swim and the current was strong. I got tired just watching them fight the ocean. I had left the house in a hurry without eating breakfast then had a major bonk. I'll post the video once it is done.

Had a good swim today going outside the cove with the fast swimmers along the seawall and back around. It was the end of the ebb and getting ready for the flood, so I wanted to hurry up. I am a medium swimmer so I ended up way in the back alone. There were some swells and I got slapped around a little, but I just sucked it up and kept swimming. This is where grounding techniques of all kinds come in handy. I like counting and just think of being a fish. It was hard to come back inside the seawall at the end. There is a little spot there where the current builds up. I felt like I swam in place for a while, this was frustrating, so I just turned over on my back and did backstroke for a bit. Then I started hauling big time. Once I got past the spot everything was fine. I caught up to Joseph, Kandi and Yaffa at the jacuzzi and we swam around some more. It started raining but it didn't seem to matter because we were already wet LOL! I signed up for the AquaSphere Swim Challenge to log miles against cancer.

It rained steadily all day sunday, no long run.


Jo Lynn said...

13 is my lucky number too!

You didn't want to do a long run in the rain Sunday? (I don't blame you!) ;)

René said...

That's a good way to get sick, to spend 3 hours running in windy rain. Let's not go there!

The Green Girl said...

I've found the number 13 seems to be lucky for me, too. :;smiles::

Congratulations on your good swim outside the cove with the fast swimmers - you go, girl!

Thank you for the tips - I will keep these things in mind when I start swimming.

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