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Canine Seizure Week

May 24-30
S:2 B:63.8 R:21

This week was canine seizure week. My poor little pup has epilepsy, and when it shows up it stays for almost a whole week of daily seizures, getting up in the middle of the night to take him for post-ictal walks, doing laundry and cleaning the apartment. Thankfully he is calm again, for a while anyway. He used to be my running partner and pacer when I started running regularly. He is 8 years old now with arthritis and has slowed down quite a bit. I love him to pieces, hate seeing my bff get old.

Managed to get some training in, and studying for my amateur ham radio license. We had some great weather this weekend for running and biking, and challenging swims in the currents this week with the full moon. On Saturday morning Irene and I tried body surfing at Kellys Cove. The waves were so messy we left the boards on the beach. I learned that if you jump ahead of the whitewater rushing in and glide on your side with one arm you can catch a long ride with your head s…

Alcatraz #3

May 17-23
S:5.42 B: 55.85 R: 31.75

Another good week of training, the graph lines are going up! I did the most swimming ever with a 3 coves swim on Wednesday eve. I also did my third Alcatraz crossing with Water World Swim!

This was a very manageable swim, I made the 2000m swim to the shore of Aquatic Park in about 40 minutes. I love the camaraderie of our swimmers. We had some young first-timers and a swimmer who had done 66 crossings. Ann had brought some delicious cookies that she made and everyone was swapping stories of epic swims and training sessions. The South End Rowing club swimmers were also out there. We listened to music on the boat on the way to the island. There is nothing like hearing "I left my heart in San Francisco" out on the bay as you are looking at the skyline from Alcatraz getting ready to swim back. We had great support from our pilots. I can feel pretty insecure out there so having a kayaker nearby makes the swim safe. What always gets me is jumpin…

99th Annual Bay to Breakers

May 10 - 16
S: 2.8 B: 50 R:23

I know it's been a good week when my graph lines go up and the legs are tired.

Running the Bay to Breakers turned a Sunday long run into a fun run, San Francisco style!

Met up with GGTC, lost them, then ran into Jay again (waving) and we crossed the finish line. This is his 27th B2B and he is going to swim from the Bay to the Breakers this summer!

One thing I noticed about the race this year is it seemed like a lot more children and families in the race, perhaps because of Run for Something Better. I lost count of all the strollers. This is one of those events that seems like a gateway into running for the non-runner. I like to leave before the hardcore revelry and the neighbors patience wears thin.

Chill Out Week

May 3 -9
S:1384 meter B: 50mi R:0
This weekend, instead of running a marathon or cycling a century I did my version of nada. Rested all week. It took a couple days to recover from the ride because my ankle was so sore again. By isolating the activities, now I suspect that cycling was the issue and not running. I adjusted the cleat on my Shimano SPDs. Tried some cold water swimming without a wetsuit, did a ham radio class, worked on my garden, got some things for my triathlon, brainstormed on bp gulf oil spill solutions, QT time in the parks with my homeslice and pup. Good times. Now to make the graph lines go up again.

Happy Bike Month!

Bike to Work Day May 13th

Grizzly Peak Century

April 26 - May 2
S: .25 B:127.45 R:3

Grizzly Peak Century - Almost 10 hours of rolling scenic hills, 8,000 - 10,000 feet of climbing! The ride had awesome support with great volunteers and rest stops in all the right places. The course is well marked with yellow arrows that say "GPC". I didn't have to look at my cue sheet very much. The arrows are still there if you'd like to give it a shot, but take lots of water. Orinda BART is just 6 miles from the start. Check the site for course maps.

I had volunteered at GPC a couple times, and that was fun - so it was definitely fun and challenging to finally ride the course. This week was a recovery week from the marathon leading up to getting enough energy and strength in my legs to do the ride. I did almost 90 miles then had to bail because my legs were just dead. But I had a great ride! That was the longest I have ever cycled, and I didn't really train properly for this event. I only bike to work and a few short rides a …