Alcatraz #3

May 17-23
S:5.42 B: 55.85 R: 31.75

Another good week of training, the graph lines are going up! I did the most swimming ever with a 3 coves swim on Wednesday eve. I also did my third Alcatraz crossing with Water World Swim!

This was a very manageable swim, I made the 2000m swim to the shore of Aquatic Park in about 40 minutes. I love the camaraderie of our swimmers. We had some young first-timers and a swimmer who had done 66 crossings. Ann had brought some delicious cookies that she made and everyone was swapping stories of epic swims and training sessions. The South End Rowing club swimmers were also out there. We listened to music on the boat on the way to the island. There is nothing like hearing "I left my heart in San Francisco" out on the bay as you are looking at the skyline from Alcatraz getting ready to swim back. We had great support from our pilots. I can feel pretty insecure out there so having a kayaker nearby makes the swim safe. What always gets me is jumping off the boat into the middle of the potato patch. It's a little bit too much adrenaline for me. Also I'm using a sleeveless wetsuit nowadays so it took me a minute to get warmed up. There is no rhyme or reason to the water out there, and we had the wake of a passing cruise liner to deal with and a yacht race coming up. I just felt like I was just getting tossed around and not going anywhere. Next time I will try to peek back at Alcatraz and see it get smaller. Thankfully, the wind was calm in the morning. The SF Ports site is a great place to get info. I'm a slow swimmer (40min/mile), and the ebb was picking up, so I was worried about not making it to the opening. Steve the pilot reassured me and said not to worry about it that I could get repositioned if necessary. In my mind, I said "Oh hell no, I'm not going to let myself get repositioned" and just kept bee-lining it toward the Jeremiah O'Brien. Then the white ferry came in to view I could feel the current. Then I swam hard into the direction of the masts of the Balclutha and made it into the opening like a little pinball.

Running: I have to do at least one of these every year, it's a great run!

Sunset Run
At Sunset Run with @hellasound on Twitpic

Here is what is coming up. Hills!

Diablo Trail Run 25k

I'm looking back on all the stuff I've done this year and it isn't even summer yet!


Jo Lynn said...

Great swim - you brave thing you.
GAH! You're doing Diablo 25k? I wish I knew. I signed up to do a Brazen event that day @ Point Pinole.
I want to do the next Sunset Run on July 8th. Maybe you'll be there? ;)

Anonymous said...

Go Pinball Go! I am loving these post and so proud and happy, sounds like some fun to be had. Diablo 25K - Whew, Sounds like one Devil of a run!

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