Canine Seizure Week

May 24-30
S:2 B:63.8 R:21

This week was canine seizure week. My poor little pup has epilepsy, and when it shows up it stays for almost a whole week of daily seizures, getting up in the middle of the night to take him for post-ictal walks, doing laundry and cleaning the apartment. Thankfully he is calm again, for a while anyway. He used to be my running partner and pacer when I started running regularly. He is 8 years old now with arthritis and has slowed down quite a bit. I love him to pieces, hate seeing my bff get old.

Managed to get some training in, and studying for my amateur ham radio license. We had some great weather this weekend for running and biking, and challenging swims in the currents this week with the full moon. On Saturday morning Irene and I tried body surfing at Kellys Cove. The waves were so messy we left the boards on the beach. I learned that if you jump ahead of the whitewater rushing in and glide on your side with one arm you can catch a long ride with your head sticking out of the water - it is a blast! (Kids do not try this) The swimmers doing Monday's Bay 2 Breakers swim were there checking out the landing area. Good luck to them!

It was great cycling on Saturday afternoon, hardly any traffic on Lincoln. But on Sunday I don't know what happened but it looked like everyone wanted to jump in their car at the same time and go over Golden Gate Bridge!

Summer is here! Get ready for DIABLO!

I just love this picture of the 'playground', with the kayaks ready to go:
Sunday Swim


The Green Girl said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your little pup. Seizures are so scary. ::hugs:: I hope he is better this week.

Good luck with your amateur ham radio studying.

Diablo looks amazing!

René said...

Thanks, we all have our ups and downs! Speaking of ups and downs, Diablo will be amazing!

The Green Girl said...

::smiles:: Happy training and I can't wait to hear all about it!

fuzzbuzz said...

Poor Dex, sending him hugs!

Thomas said...

Sorry to hear abour Dex. How is he doing?

I was just thinking about you yesterday. How your race at Diablo went well and that you had a good time. Look forward to hearing about it!

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