Chill Out Week

May 3 -9
S:1384 meter B: 50mi R:0
This weekend, instead of running a marathon or cycling a century I did my version of nada. Rested all week. It took a couple days to recover from the ride because my ankle was so sore again. By isolating the activities, now I suspect that cycling was the issue and not running. I adjusted the cleat on my Shimano SPDs. Tried some cold water swimming without a wetsuit, did a ham radio class, worked on my garden, got some things for my triathlon, brainstormed on bp gulf oil spill solutions, QT time in the parks with my homeslice and pup. Good times. Now to make the graph lines go up again.

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Happy Bike Month!

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The Green Girl said...

I'm glad you allowed your body to rest. ::hugs:: I hope adjusting the Shimano SPD clear does the trick.

The oil spill is so depressing.

Jo Lynn said...

Dang, you DID chill. Good for you. That's so hard for me to do.

I LOVE that picture. ;)

You swimming in the cold water without a wet suit is crazy!

René said...

I did get chilled, that's for sure!

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