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Golden Gate Triathlon

Jun 21-27
S:.1.4 B: 58.85 R:9

Tri posted: .9 / 20.93 / 6.2
Tri Actual: .9 /20.25/ 5 plus 1 mile run to transition = 6

Thanks Chuck at Rogue Multi-Sport

This is going to be a long blog post so I can share all the fun details!

For my first Olympic Tri I wanted to do a local event, something I can bike to and found the Golden Gate Triathlon. According to the results, there were 219 participants (sprint and oly) and one relay team, so it is not that crowded. They had great volunteer support and I personally thanked people on my last laps.

It was a beautiful day for a triathlon! We had these amazing half-foggy conditions on one side and beautiful hot and sunny on the other. I biked to the starting line and took the scenic route. The coastal views and Golden Gate Bridge disappeared into the fog, but eastward was misty and allowed some sun to show through for a not so cold swim.

It's good to get to the transition area early to get a good spot on the rack, get organized, and meet yo…


Jun 14-20
S:2.9 B: 68 R:4

The triathlon is next Sunday, and am getting mentally prepared. At this point I find myself remembering things, such as last year when I thought the Olympic was a long distance, and getting down one buoy line without stopping was an effort. It's easy to get caught up in the game of "if only I can go a little bit faster" and forget the strides we've made. Now friends from my swim group are already convincing me to sign up for a half-iron with them.

I was so tired and ready to just rest and get rejuvenated. Had a perfectly relaxing weekend with lots of family time. Had a good fast interval run on Wednesday, but my legs felt "fried" and tight. Just need to rest and stretch. Plan on doing a few more short & sweet workouts before the event. I am appreciating the swim/bike/running thing as a lifestyle choice and not so much as a competitive sport. I don't know if people understand what a necessity it is for some of us to exercise, …

Training Check-In

Jun 7-13
S:2 B:67.9 R:17


Swimming with Water World Swim
Swimming into the currents, working on spearing the water and tapering the kick. Swimming into the current helps refine the stroke as you find a more efficient means of moving through the water and decreasing drag. I noticed in the pool workouts that even though my sprint time is not faster than 6 months ago, I am able to hold that fast pace for much longer without stopping.


View from Immigrant Point Overlook in the Presidio toward Point Bonita Lighthouse.
Hill sprints on the Golden Gate Tri course, downhill control.


The Nasturtiums are in bloom on the trails and in the park! Beautiful.
Recovering from Mt. Diablo! Keeping the heart rate at a reasonable rate.

Happy Training!

Diablo Trail Run 25k

May 31 - Jun 6
S: 1.7 B: 44 R: 30.5

Hill training anyone?

Oh the challenge of running Mount Diablo! I had set my sights on it last year after running up Mt. Tamalpais and there it was. Another hill to climb. I had heard about it from other running blogs and PCTR runners (Rick and Jo Lynn). Be careful what you wish for.

The course starts down in Mitchell Canyon and then goes up some really narrow steep singletrack trails (Back Creek) that snakes it's way up to Deer Flat Road. I kept watching the trail snake around the ridge and then once you get around the ridge, it switches back to another ridge, and another, it just keeps going up higher and higher. Then when you finally get to Juniper campground, there is a nice breeze and another hour of climbing to the summit. There were some loose rocks up here and I stacked real good twice. All along the way there are amazing views to take your mind off the pain. I would say that for me, on the way up only 10 - 15% of this was runnable, especial…