Jun 14-20
S:2.9 B: 68 R:4

The triathlon is next Sunday, and am getting mentally prepared. At this point I find myself remembering things, such as last year when I thought the Olympic was a long distance, and getting down one buoy line without stopping was an effort. It's easy to get caught up in the game of "if only I can go a little bit faster" and forget the strides we've made. Now friends from my swim group are already convincing me to sign up for a half-iron with them.

I was so tired and ready to just rest and get rejuvenated. Had a perfectly relaxing weekend with lots of family time. Had a good fast interval run on Wednesday, but my legs felt "fried" and tight. Just need to rest and stretch. Plan on doing a few more short & sweet workouts before the event. I am appreciating the swim/bike/running thing as a lifestyle choice and not so much as a competitive sport. I don't know if people understand what a necessity it is for some of us to exercise, but I really can't forgo it or I get ill. So I make it a priority. It's like taking medicine. Today I'm glad that I can swim in the ocean for half an hour without stopping and being able to live in a place with access to beautiful natural surroundings and trees. Good for the mind, body and spirit.

Sunday Swim

Noting the swimming conditions last Thursday, a strong ebb, with the winds picking up in the opposite direction over the water creates wind waves and chop especially farther out. The west winds tend to pick up in the evenings. Mornings are calmer. Feeling little "cold fingers" of water in different parts of the Aquatic Park, as if someone emptied their cooler. Though the water was ebbing, the wind blowing across the surface can make it seem like it's going the opposite direction when observing from the shore. On Sunday morning, hardly any wind and pleasant conditions.

There are NO limits on race day - only possibilities!


The Green Girl said...

Good luck, girl. I will be cheering for you!

René said...

Thank you, Green Girl!

Anonymous said...

Go Go Go - We are sending all good vibes from TEXAS - Wish I was near the ocean right NOW!

jsntg said...

Good luck!

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