Countdown to the SF Marathon

Jul 12-18
S:1 B:44 R:14.5

I'm winding things down here, taxi-ing down the runway and get lined up for takeoff at the SF Marathon! WAVE 6! This was my first marathon and next Sunday will be the second time I run it after doing Nike Womens, Stinson Beach, Northface Endurance Challenge 50k and Big Sur. I think I'm a little bit better runner now! At least I can walk normally and not collapse afterward.

There is an amusing article in WSJ titled San Francisco: The Race Even Marathoners Fear. Ha! If you run trails and some of the hillier marathons in the Bay Area it makes SF Marathon seem easy.

I had an amazing breakthrough on my swimming stroke after a minor adjustment made after studying my guide at Swim Smooth Swim Types. I haven't even delved into the whole remedy yet, either, just one minor drag adjustment that made all the difference! Here is a good OWS video that Coach Leslie put together about swimming in choppy water.

Headlands 50

On Saturday I volunteered all day at Headlands 50 and met alot of runners. I learned about Ultra runners: How they train, what mileage they do, how they eat, what they wear, what events they do, what kind of hydration packs they use, what they bring in their drop-bag, etc. It is a challenging course, even for the marathoners. I was glad to be able to help them get their water, electrolytes and food. We went through probably 80 gallons of water at least and 3 loaves of bread, 2-3 jars peanut butter and jelly. Salt caplets was #1 request. I was really moved by the support many of the runners had from their families and friends, waiting out there in the cold fog for 6 to 12 hours. Not too many people would do this. But then again, not too many people will run 50 - 100 miles! I highly recommend volunteering on an ultra before you think about doing one. It is serious business. I'm still on the fence about it. My hubby is NOT into the idea. It is an issue of contention. I can totally understand where he is coming from. I might have to transform him into a runner, then he'll understand ;-)!


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What kind of swimmer did you find out you are?

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