Summertime Blues

Jun 28-Jul 4
S:.2 B: 50 R:15

4th of July Swim

The week started off with 8 miles of intervals, did another trail run, a swim at Aquatic Park and half an Alcatraz swim. Just finished a the last 20 miler before the San Francisco Marathon today, which I didn't do yesterday but instead fell into a lethargy. I have been running without music so that I can listen to my pace and surroundings and also it helps with mental training. It also helps for long swims when there is nothing in the ears except for mack's earplugs. Meditation time.

In other news, two deaths in my extended family, and hurricane Alex caused massive floods in Monterrey, Mexico where my relatives live that left at least 6 people dead and destroyed parts of the city. And now they found tar patties on the Texas gulf coast from the oil spillage (Texas beaches always had tar patties, but I guess these have the BP logo branded on them). And guess what, they are disposing of the oil there too. We are on day 77 and no end in sight. Run out the sadness. :-(


The Green Girl said…
Congratulations on getting in your last long run before San Francisco, girl! ::high fives::

On a more serious note, I'm truly sorry to hear about the deaths in your extended family. ::hugs::
TCB said…
Love from Texas - They are not talking much about it which tells me they know its about to get way worse.
RenĂ© said…
A media blackout. Now it is a felony to take photos of the oil spill.

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