Sunset Run

Last night was a great Sunset Run, a "fun"raising event hosted by Fleet Feet Sports 100% for charity. The beneficiary this time round was Students Run Oakland. They have a great video that makes me want to run a marathon every time I see it.

If you've never done a Sunset Run before I highly recommend it. They have a DJ, raffle, and yummy bagels, and one of my favorite routes along the Bay to Hopper's Hands.


The Green Girl said…
That is so cool! Down here, we have Students Run LA. The group is so big that it looks like a real race every time they run. ::smiles:: What a great cause!
Jo Lynn said…
GAH! You should have sent me a reminder. I SO wanted to do this one. I even had the day off. :(
René said…
OK, next one!
TCB said…
Treasure Island!!! I miss you sis! Hope your having a wonderful time!
Thomas said…
There's a documentary, now available on DVD. I have yet to watch it.
René said…
Oh yes, are you talking about Runner's High? Wonder where I can rent it

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