Running in silence

Aug 23 - 29
S:1.5 B:42 R:46

I lost my father today, and found out while I was out here on the Coastal Trail. This is a good place to cry, watching the waves crashing against the cliff and the sun set. Love you, dad.

Taking a break. Enjoy the rest of the summer with the ones you love!


Sunday Streets

Aug 16-22
S: B: 60 R:44.35

Sunday Streets

Had fun volunteering at Sunday Streets this weekend! The weather was perfect! Saw a lot of cool bikes and met a lot of friendly people, and added a few extra bike miles. We all got cool shirts and a delicious free lunch provided by Chairman Bao food truck.
Sunday Streets

I love this event by Livable City because I get to enjoy places I normally would not get to run or bike (Great Highway) and there is music, food, and good vibes. Runners, for this route, one lap from Stanyan to Sloat is 11.5 miles, but if you take the windmill route, it is 12.7, so if you did two laps it would be almost a marathon! Skateboarders, there is a sweet downhill from Traverse all the way down to the end of the park. I was cruising down on my bike and didn't have to pedal, which explains why it's tricky running back up this.

The other fun event this week was Sunset Run, which is a 5 mile social fun run for charity organized by Fleet Feet Sports. I managed to do all 3 this summer, so I know it's been a good summer for running. I met a few cool peeps here & I look forward to next year.

It's been a great week. Though I was 6 miles short of 50 miles running this week, I had a great 17 miler on Saturday. Did plenty of walking at the dog park with my bflf (best four legged friend). I was so exhausted yesterday couldn't keep my eyes open.

Happy running, biking and swimming, and whatever else you do!
surfs up


50 mile week

Aug 9 - 15
S:2.06 B:55 R:50

Running: I managed to pull off going from 3 days of running per week to 5 days per week and increase the mileage to 50 miles, which was hard for me to do and has taken me several years to get to this point. I'm so excited but I must go to sleep now because I'm doing it again next week! This is a short blog post because I'm kind of speechless. That was a test for me to see if I can up it to the next level of training, and it is a relief to see that it it doable. Running longer runs in consecutive days really helped, and my long run today was strong at the end. I could have run more!


Raise the Roof

Aug 2 - 8
S:2.9 B:58 R:43
Watch the run mileage goin' up, but not so fast lol. I think I am going to hang at 50 miles per week for a minute when I get there. Did some speed, tempo, and back to swimming in the bay. The bike is all about commuting. Thursday night I got caught in a washing machine, scariest time I've had out there ever. Thankfully Aaron was around to bail me out. Whew! Had a fun brick this weekend, the water was calm :-) Swim a mile along Chrissy field and run back, then bike out the Presidio. Sweet!

Warming Hut to St. Francis Yacht Club Swim with Water World Swim
WWS Warming Hut to St. Francis Yacht Club

Sunday- Long run down the Coastal Trail, my fave.


Touch Alcatraz 'n Go

July 26-Aug 1
S:0-: B:44 R:31

Rested a few days after the marathon then back to running. That's about it!

I took a few pics and video from the boat of the Touch Alcatraz 'n Go, a round-trip Alcatraz swim starting and ending from the shore at Aquatic Park. It would be great to do this one day. 1 - 2 hrs of open water swimming.

Touch Alcatraz 'n Go

Touch Alcatraz 'n Go

Exploring new carbs such as teff and pearl barley, alternating days with the oats and quinoa to get some nutritional variety in there. The teff porridge is delish!

Powerhouse Grains

Recipe: Farro Risotto w/Asparagus

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