50 mile week

Aug 9 - 15
S:2.06 B:55 R:50

Running: I managed to pull off going from 3 days of running per week to 5 days per week and increase the mileage to 50 miles, which was hard for me to do and has taken me several years to get to this point. I'm so excited but I must go to sleep now because I'm doing it again next week! This is a short blog post because I'm kind of speechless. That was a test for me to see if I can up it to the next level of training, and it is a relief to see that it it doable. Running longer runs in consecutive days really helped, and my long run today was strong at the end. I could have run more!


Myron said...

Incredible feeling isn't it? Knowing that your body has vastly more potential than you realized. Good for you!!!

Jo Lynn said...

I can see how pleased you are and you have every right to be. That is an awesome accomplishment Rene. I am so happy that you are feeling so good about your running right now. Rock on!! ;)

René said...

Thank you! It's like busting through a wall, but then you realize the wall was a figment of your imagination.

Amy said...

Nice run there, keep it up....looking forward for more great run!!!

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