Touch Alcatraz 'n Go

July 26-Aug 1
S:0-: B:44 R:31

Rested a few days after the marathon then back to running. That's about it!

I took a few pics and video from the boat of the Touch Alcatraz 'n Go, a round-trip Alcatraz swim starting and ending from the shore at Aquatic Park. It would be great to do this one day. 1 - 2 hrs of open water swimming.

Touch Alcatraz 'n Go

Touch Alcatraz 'n Go

Exploring new carbs such as teff and pearl barley, alternating days with the oats and quinoa to get some nutritional variety in there. The teff porridge is delish!

Powerhouse Grains

Recipe: Farro Risotto w/Asparagus

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The Green Girl said...

I never heard of teff, I will have to look into it. I love how you are always willing to try new foods. ::smiles::

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