Raise the Roof

Aug 2 - 8
S:2.9 B:58 R:43
Watch the run mileage goin' up, but not so fast lol. I think I am going to hang at 50 miles per week for a minute when I get there. Did some speed, tempo, and back to swimming in the bay. The bike is all about commuting. Thursday night I got caught in a washing machine, scariest time I've had out there ever. Thankfully Aaron was around to bail me out. Whew! Had a fun brick this weekend, the water was calm :-) Swim a mile along Chrissy field and run back, then bike out the Presidio. Sweet!

Warming Hut to St. Francis Yacht Club Swim with Water World Swim
WWS Warming Hut to St. Francis Yacht Club

Sunday- Long run down the Coastal Trail, my fave.


Jo Lynn said...

Aaah, The Coastal Trail. That is a great place. ;)
I'm glad you got out of the washing machine. That would be scary.

The Green Girl said...

What does 'washing machine' mean? It sounds scary.

René said...

It was a strong current plus the wind was whipping up the water making big waves, but not rythmic waves, crazy waves! Next time I'm going to the pier to look at the water beforehand.

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