I'm taking a break from training until mid-November when I will start my 20 week half-iron training program. Until then, I'm taking it easy. Just doing maintenance workouts with more weight training, short runs, and weekly bay swims. Maybe a monthly fun bike ride in addition to the bike commute. In my free time, will focus on doing art (art therapy). I don't know what the heck I'm doing which is great. I used to like to paint and draw, but then became disenchanted and took a long break from it. I'm a different person now, and so is my artistic vision. Marathons and triathlons have changed me. My father's death has changed me. It's like heading into new, unexplored territory.


The Green Girl said…
Enjoy the 'freedom', girl.


I hope you can rediscover your love for painting and drawing.
Ron said…
Change is good. Growth is good. Enjoy the "cross training" it will help you continue to change and grow.
fuzzbuzz said…
Express yourself every day in any way that makes you happy.
Myron said…
Change is the only constant. You'll do amazing things with your attitude!
RenĂ© said…

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