Run Wild for A Child

Run Wild for A Child 2010

First race without coffee: Run Wild for A Child 10k 48:48 PR & 5th place AG!

I love this race because: Toy donations, costumes, the course, relaxed attitude of runners. Even though there are some really fast people out there, everyone is out to have a good time. The only thing I was put off by is that alot of runners wear ipods while running so communication gets compromised sometime. The band and the costume contest at the end are fun to hang out for. I was dancing to stay warm. I had a chuckle at my photo in the race brochure of me dancing in the Twister costume last year. I'm going to send that to my mom! Run Wild = Good times, and great family memories for the families that run it together!

daily mile

Week 2 training is going well. The strength training and spinning have helped me in many ways. Also drinking a lot of yerba mate, green tea, fresh juices and herbal teas. My dog gets herbal nutrition also. I will share some recipes later. I'm thankful for what I have today, with the realization that it doesn't last forever.

It's all in your hands

LongestWalk Northern and Southern Route: This is a 5,000+ mile Walk Across America to bring awareness of the devastating effects of diabetes and how it can be reversed by changing our entire diet and lifestyle! This disease is at epidemic levels across America, and throughout Indian Country.


Week 1

Off to a good start: 7.25 hours of training this week, not including the 5 hours of bike commuting and 30 min. strength training. I got up at 4:30 or 5:30 in the morning to make it happen. Swimming, biking and running, with some time for family and creative stuff. The spinning class was challenging but endorphin inducing. The bay swim was cold but fun. I'm thankful that I'm able to do this today and dedicate my training to my dad.

I was really moved by this video that Elizabeth posted on her blog. She is running 50 marathons in 50 states for her father. Though our fathers are not here they are with us every step of the way.

When my father died of heart attack related to his T2 diabetes, he was reluctantly having to take a long list of medications. He carried it with him in his wallet with him just to remember everything. I can tell this made him miserable. There were medicine bottles and syringes all over his room, in his bag, and in the fridge. It's not a disease anyone should get knowing what we know about how to prevent it. It's the lifestyle changes that seem so hard at first, exercise and dietary changes, that can make a big difference between life and death. What if we make these changes before we need to? I am going to miss my dad this Thanksgiving.

I'm so thankful for my family and friends. Enjoy the holiday and extra time off for eating well...and then...running!

I like what is says in the second link article, that eating for diabetes is actually just eating healthy and everyone else should be taking note of what's on the diabetic plate.


Here We Go

Training Plan

The training plan is sketched out for Oceanside. 5 months from now we'll see if it's a good one. Instead of doing the marathon training for the run, will do half-marathon training and save energy for the bike. Using a Trifuel plan and FIRST for running, and adding spinning and open water swims. Psyched!

I am experimenting with no coffee for a change and instead switch to yerba mate and green tea for the maximum antioxidants in my morning cup.

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Diabetes awareness tip: Type 2 Diabetes is preventable


Getting Ready

Getting ready for Ironman California, Oceanside 70.3. I dedicate my training to my father, Juan aka "Tony", who passed away 2 months ago from a heart attack related to type 2 diabetes. I have never done a half-iron triathlon distance before, but I know with the motivation of doing this for a cause will help me reach the goal and deal with the loss. Whenever I exercise, I feel better, and I don't want to lose the habit by falling into a slump. Setting an ambitious goal will help me stay focused.

My dad was there to teach me how to ride a bike, and always made sure that I had one to ride. I will ride 56 miles on April 2nd after swimming 1.2 miles, then run a half marathon to the finish.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

April Recap

Spring is here! Proceed with caution!  I managed to ramp up my activities, adding in more bike rides and swims, and taking the time to d...